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Mike Johnson traitor

House Democrats Poised To Protect Mike Johnson

Following Mike Johnson’s vote to fund Ukraine, Israel, liberal causes, and neglect to fund a border wall, House Speaker Mike Johnson faces calls to vacate the chair led by Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene and Rep. Thomas Massie. Mike Johnson has been hailed as a Christian hero by liberals like Daniel Darling of the Land Center and Brent Leatherwood of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention. Yet Mike Johnson has an unsurprising ace up his sleeve to prevent being ousted.

In a video posted by Thomas Massie who is rallying conservatives to oust Mike Johnson, Rep. Jerrold Nadler endorses saving Mike Johnson, claiming that Freedom Caucus members want to oust Johnson “for doing the right thing” referring to funding Ukraine’s doomed war effort.

This looks bad for Mike Johnson because it is. However, his predecessor also had arrangements with the Democrats that even involved prestigious office space. The Democrats sold McCarthy out because they couldn’t resist the ensuing laughs. Perhaps they will not be able to resist another change in leadership.

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  1. kind of a good demonstration how jews work. they have no left or right, only “what is good for us”. if johnson would have gone along with everything else but refused israel funding it would be a different story. the political jew has no convictions which he isn’t willing to subsume to protect his people. it is a shame that when christian whites do this they are called racist and white supremacist

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