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Australian Government Threatens Gab With $500000 Fine

Andrew Torba’s Gab is a Christian free speech social media platform that has served as a useful check and balance on Elon Musk’s Twitter/X. It is also a highly capable Artificial Intelligence platform that competes with Open AI, Google, and Meta/Facebook. During their commitment to free speech, Gab has face numerous threats from foreign governments. The most recent threat might be the most costly yet, all to remove a video from the platform that the Australian government does not wasn’t users to see.

According to Andrew Torba:

Gab received a notice from the Australian government threatening us with a fine of $500,000 for refusing to censor a video of the tragic attack at the Assyrian Christ The Good Shepherd Church in western Sydney. The video was posted by a Gab user and followed with a heartfelt message from Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel, who was wounded in the attack.

The footage of the attack at the Assyrian Christ The Good Shepherd Church that the Australian government wants us to remove is undeniably distressing to watch, as it captures the sheer brutality and senselessness of the violence that unfolded. While it may be challenging for some viewers to bear witness to such a tragic event, it is crucial to recognize that this video serves a vital purpose in informing the public about the reality of this horrific incident.

Furthermore, the video’s inclusion of a heartfelt testimony from Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel, who was a victim in the attack, adds an essential layer of context and humanizes the impact of this devastating event. As a result, the footage is undeniably newsworthy and in the public interest, shedding light on the tragic consequences of violence and the resilience of those who have been directly affected by it.

The threat was also posted by Torba:

Gab has vowed not to censor the video, defying the Australian government. Torba also highlighted how other social media companies complied.

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4 Responses

  1. Sure enough, I followed the link to the video, looked at the poster’s profile, and lo and behold there were posts praising hitler.

    You can’t visit that site for thirty seconds before seeing somebody praising nazis and associating Christians with nazis.

    If it were up to me, frankly I’d shut gab down entirely. I’d fashion a whip and start flipping tables. It’s a disgrace, and Andrew Torba is a disgrace.

    Forget freedom of speech and secular law, it is a matter of church discipline. He claims the name of Jesus, and needs to be held accountable accordingly, on those grounds. Users are on there claiming the name of Jesus. They are dragging His name through the mud daily. While also bearing false witness.

    The nazis hated Christians, and went after Christians also. One of the first things they did upon gaining power was to remove all references to Jesus from the public schools. Hitler famously said that he wished they had aligned themselves to muslims, rather than try to appeal to Christians, because Christians were militant or violent enough to eagerly want to slaughter the Jews, and were more apt to oppose the underlying beliefs of nazis, such as darwinism.

    You think I’ll defend Torba and Gab?

    You’d better think again.

    1. Of course, if the video is left up, then the only option is to fight freedom of speech with more speech.

      You simply point out how the guy who posted it is a complete and total ignoramus.

      Does the idiot know why the state of Israel is were it is? Does he know why that land was available?

      It’s because the nazis were aligned and allied with the muslim world …

      Hello? Anybody home?

      I have no patience for such workers of iniquity as these stupid idiots who are going around falsely claiming the nazis were some sort of great defenders of Jesus. NO, they absolutely were not.

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