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SBC on fire

Egalitarian SBC Church Flexes Dollars As Efforts Under Way To Disfellowship Them

First Baptist Church Alexandria faces inquiries of disfellowshipping from the Southern Baptist Convention over female pastors on staff. The church is located in the liberal enclave of Northern Virginia, but has drawn national attention from Baptists leading the charge to pass the Law Amendment which would define egalitarian churches as not in friendly cooperation with the SBC. 

Chris Davis, a pastor at FBC Alexandria touted the Cooperative Program giving to showcase how valuable they are as a Southern Baptist Church. The $9.6 million over 24 years is also meant to highlight their commitment to the Baptist Faith & Message 2000.

The SBC Credentials Committee has not recommended them for disfellowship; however they are now under formal inquiry, and FBC Alexandria responded. At the 2024 Annual Southern Baptist Convention, there will be a motion on the floor to unseat their messengers. FBC Alexandria has announced its intentions to send the maximum amount of messengers that they are allowed.

The SBC is currently embattled over female pastors and after ousting Saddleback Church in spectacular fashion in 2023, FBC Alexandria is the next target for disfellowship.

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