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John-Paul Miller

John-Paul Miller Posted Topless Pics, Cheated On Now Dead Wife

The death of Mica Miller has garnered national attention as she was the estranged wife of John-Paul Miller, the pastor of Solid Rock At Market Common in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The death of Mica Miller came as the marriage was splitting up leading to a multitude of suspicion of John-Paul’s involvement. The evidence of suicide has thus far been compelling; however, the actions of John-Paul Miller are being exposed in the process.

In a letter prior to Mica’s death, John-Paul Miller confessed and apologized for posting a topless picture of his wife on the internet which he claims was taken down after an hour. The apology was just one of many sins that he confessed to. Evidently, he even put tracking devices on his car as reported by NewsNation.

The plot also thickens in that before Mica’s death, John-Paul Miller was committing adultery soliciting pictures from a waitress that he met.


The waitress has come forward stating that she broke the relationship off over red flags but after the suicide reached out to gauge his reaction. She states that he did not act as though a grieving husband.

Although John-Paul Miller has been relieved from duty, he should not be allowed to return if Solid Rock wants to pretend to be an actual church.

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2 Responses

  1. The tabloid Daily Mail has written multiple articles about this claiming that:
    1)John-Paul performed the marriage ceremony of Mica to her first husband
    2)John-Paul cheated on his first wife with Mica, claiming that the affair started even before Mica married her first husband, and before she was 18. Mica told the police John-Paul had groomed her for years when she was a teenager
    3)When John-Paul’s first wife discovered the affair and filed filed for divorce she took it before the church but the church would do nothing about it because John-Paul actually owns the church – his parents are very wealthy and purchased the church for him. Those who objected were forced to leave.

    1. In my future floating private city in international waters, if this type of pastor existed on my property, I would wrap a bunch of weights to his ankle and let him sink to the bottom of the ocean. Then again, not that many false Pastors would be on my floating private city in international waters.

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