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Jack Posobiec Blasphemes Christ For Mother’s Day

Jack Posobiec is a famous political commentator in the MAGA movement or Trump World. He toes the line between grifter and movement asset. But over Mother’s Day, he dialed the Papacy up to 11 with the heretical take on Mary.

This post is a clinic on why Mother of God is an unbiblical title for Mary as it runs afoul of the Trinity.


Many Protestants correctly pointed out that Mary did not create Jesus. Jack Posobiec made it perfectly clear he was saying that Mary created Jesus. It’s worth noting in the above screenshot Posobiec ignores that God The Father created life in the beginning through dictation. The Bible teaches that Jesus was in the beginning and before Abraham. This would naturally and eternally precede Mary.

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One Response

  1. Catholic theology teaches, and therefore every Catholic should know, that God the Father created everything. In fact, at the end of every low Mass the first chapter of the gospel of John is read aloud to the congregation, although many parishes have stopped this practice (to their great detriment.) Therefore, to call Mary the “Mother of God” does not in any way mean that she created God, rather, it simply means that she was chosen to give birth to, and to nurture His physical being, who is Christ, our Lord. Posobiec is not a priest, pastor, or theologian. It would appear that you and your blog are dangerously acting on behalf of the “Accuser of the Brethren.”

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