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David French vs Robert Dabney: A PCA Test

The aftermath of the Presbyterian Church in America deciding to platform David French despite his support for homosexual marriage, support for transgenderism as a blessing of liberty, and a general hostility to Christianity has sent shockwaves in the Presbyterian world. PCA leadership is currently dodging and ducking the blame for this decision. The decision to platform David French marks a shift from past precedents in Evangelicalism whereby compromise on biblical sexuality cost people in their careers. Even Beth Moore’s ministry lost money over her compromise on these issues. In contrast, David French has been rewarded by the world and retains respect in major Evangelical institutions. Now the woke preachers are coming out in favor of David French.

Joel McDurmon was once a hardcore theonomist, but now he’s a Social Justice Warrior. He invokes Robert Lewis Dabley as a comparison to David French, as though the two are morally equivalent.

Robert Lewis Dabney was born on March 5, 1820, in Louisa County, Virginia. He served as a Confederate chaplain during the American Civil War, a Southern Presbyterian pastor, and chief of staff to General Stonewall Jackson. Dabney was a staunch defender of Calvinist theology and a vocal critic of modernism, secularism, and liberal philosophies in education and religion. He defended slavery as a Biblical institution and provided theological justifications for it. Dabney was deeply concerned about the decline of orthodox Christian values in American society, fearing that the influences of modernism and secularism would lead to a loss of moral and religious principles. He emphasized the importance of Christian education and was instrumental in establishing educational institutions that reflected conservative religious values.

To say that Robert Dabney is repugnant whilst David French a saint is backwards. But this is a proxy for Presbyterians. To side with a modern liberal such as David French over a Confederate hero of the faith like Robert Dabney is to prioritize being “right” on yesterday’s battles at the expense of the one’s going on today.

So to the woke, I say I much prefer my Presbyterians be like Robert Dabney and not David French.

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  1. If they have David A French on, I would LOVE to see Doug Wilson* on there as well. And even do a debate on a issue.

    *Even though I can’t listen / watch Doug Wilson’s content that much because I start thinking I’ll need to start a business in order to be a great man of God. Even though my close Godly friends say I’m doing fine.

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