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Jason Whitlock Defends Inviting Glenn Beck To Christian Men’s Conference

Jason Whitlock is a Christian podcaster at Blaze TV, the host of the show Fearless. He actively wears his faith on his sleeve and acknowledges his previous sinful lifestyle. Last year he hosted his first ever Roll Call, a Christian men’s conference. However, this year, the conference is controversial due to its inclusion of Glenn Beck as a headline speaker. Voddie Baucham is also a headliner at the conference.

Protestia wrote last week urging the Christian speakers to drop out of the conference.

So long as Glenn Beck is speaking, we would implore John and Voddie to back out immediately, as no one should be going to this conference. In fact, even if Beck backs out, the fact that conference organizers invited him in the first place demonstrates they don’t understand the gospel, and we would not trust them to convey any spiritual truth worth knowing. 

Jason Whitlock responded in his Monday episode of Fearless to the controversy. Per Jason Whitlock, past Roll Call attendee and YouTuber Spencer Smith (who has been a guest on Fearless) have privately corresponded with Whitlock over the matter.

Jason Whitlock defends inviting Glenn Beck to Roll Call stating that Glenn Beck was speaking on history and further went on to claim that Beck is the best in media on history, even though he’s not even the best on Blaze TV. (That would be Auron MacIntyre, probably.) In fact, Glenn Beck is a post-war consensus revisionist historian at best. Jason Whitlock appears to have invited Glenn Beck as a career courtesy and does not want to jeopardize the relationship.

Jason Whitlock acknowledges he has marketed the event poorly. He claims that the language of “the best way to close the divides tearing America apart is to bring men together under the umbrella of worship, reverence, and song honoring our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” and the section “designed to inspire men to put aside superficial differences and serve our shared Creator” were poorly worded and did not communicate the meaning he was going for. Jason Whitlock explained that he is on a mission to combat racial idolatry, which was the intended meaning of superficial differences. However, any invocation of Christ would have been undermined by Beck’s presence.

Jason Whitlock laments that he has all the tools for a great conference and has received a lukewarm response. The implication was that ticket sales disappointed him. Voddie Baucham is a high-dollar speaker, a fact that Whitlock references that Evangelical Dark Web is aware of. But he fails to take proper responsibility for unnecessarily turning away Christians by having a Mormon speak at an otherwise Christian conference.

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3 Responses

  1. Na, I want to see a debate! Between Mormonism vs Biblical Christianity.

  2. I have been a long listener of Glenn Beck…and I have personally heard him say that Jesus is God’s Son and he was born of a virgin..and he believes in the resurrection.. He also has stated one needs to accept Him as
    Their personal savior and glenn has also stated that…he maybe a Mormon and he has not to my knowledge I strutted his audience to co.e to Mormon sector…was he the right person to ask…maybe not but we as Christians should pray about discernment..and not judge…

    1. He is Mormon unless he switched from Mormonism to some kind forum of true Christianity. Mormons are known to use to same language as Trinity affirming Christians. Ask a Mormon “Do you affirm the Nicene or the Apostle Creed?” They either deny it flat out, give a weak answer or “Never heard of it.”

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