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Jory Micah

Jory Micah Attacks Adam Sandler. It Backfires Spectacularly!

Jory Micah is a renowned false teacher on the internet, a crazier version of Rachel Held Evans. She has been a staunch Palestinian advocate ever since her DUI arrest because her worldview insists that Jesus was brown. So she targeted Adam Sandler of all people to make this point.

Jory Micah is attempting to argue that Modern Jews are not Middle Eastern because they are too White. What she fails or refuses to realize is that the phenotypical Levantine person in ancient times had a wide variance of traits, many even listed in Scripture such as Esau’s red hair. Thus it is highly difficult to know what Jesus actually looked like. Adam Sandler could easily pass as Middle Eastern, as he has played an Israeli commando in Don’t Mess With Zohan

Jory Micah is an object lesson for how most of the support for the Palestinian cause is rooted in hatred for White people and European heritage.

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