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Lutheran Church Missouri Synod Excommunicates Whistleblower Who Called Out Liberalism

The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod is reputationally an orthodox Lutheran denomination, a conservative counterpart to the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America. However, what happens when the truth contradicts this reputation? That is what Ryan Turnipseed did and the denominational leaders retaliated against him.

A young adult taking an interest in the church, Ryan Turnipseed published a thread back in January regarding his findings with the LCMS’s new edition of Luther’s Larger Catechism which includes new annotations that drift in a liberal direction.

Months later he was placed under church discipline in the LCMS because of the backlash that this thread caused.

The final pronouncement of excommunication came at the beginning of a worship service this on May 12.

Ryan Turnipseed made the announcement public:

Today on May 15th, 2024, a close friend of mine sent me a public Facebook post and YouTube video from First Lutheran Church. As read out by Reverend Joseph Highley on the morning of May 12th, First Lutheran Church in Ponca City has declared me excommunicated.

If treated as valid, this would exclude me from every LCMS congregation. Reverend Highley and First Lutheran have done this despite resigning my membership with them on April 8th, having declared multiple times that the excommunication is a necessary punitive action.

The charges follow the same vague and politically contrived rationale that was made public last May. The first condemned me for not submitting to Reverend Highley’s and First Lutheran’s ‘God-established’ authority, also condemning me for having recorded and published everything.

The next two condemned me for having associated with men deemed too far to the right. The final two condemned me for my statements regarding the New Catechism. No charge quoted Scripture, and only one verse was ever referenced.

There are already dozens of pastors who refuse to recognize the validity of these charges and excommunication, and they are working to rectify this. They and I will still work to achieve peace, but Truth and right doctrine cannot be compromised in such pursuits.

For those in the LCMS, and for those in other churches, a question is left that must be answered: will such things be tolerated in the Church of God? I pray that it will not. Therefore, for the sake of peace and reconciliation, we will not publish all our details at this time.

First Lutheran Church in Ponca City, Oklahoma has not responded to requests for comment as of the publish of this article.

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  1. I’m very much in the vain of Christian Pacifism takes mainly from Genesis 1 and 2 and I point to my fellow Christian Pacifists the same reason why I’m a Christian Pacifist (light version) is the same reason why I’m a Young Earth Creationist, and they tend to run to the hills when I say I’m a YEC because most of these Christian Pacifists are old earth creationists…

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