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John-Paul Miller

No Signs Of Grief: Body Language Expert Says Of John-Paul Miller

The death of Mica Miller has garnered national attention as she was the estranged wife of John-Paul Miller, the pastor of Solid Rock At Market Common in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The death of Mica Miller came as the marriage was splitting up after a series of evil actions by John-Paul Miller which included posting a topless picture of her on the internet. The evidence of suicide has thus far been compelling; however, the actions of John-Paul Miller are being exposed in the process.

News Nation has taken an interest in this story and brought on a body language expert to talk about the clip that surfaced from the funeral as well as the initial announcement. According to the body language expert, John-Paul Miller is a textbook example of someone pretending to show emotion.

The initial announcement video was so odd that it became a national story. John-Paul Miller’s nonchalant attitude about his wife dying was offputting and Miller’s body language is part of the reason why his statements seem so insincere. Scott Rouse, the body language expert, explains how John-Paul Miller is exhibiting no signs of grief, going so far to say he would show this in a classroom on what not to do.

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