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Francis Collins

Francis Collins Admits To Lying About Social Distancing

Francis Collins was hailed as a hero of science and Christianity for decades by Big Eva. Tim Keller compared him to Daniel. Yet nothing could be further from the truth as Francis Collins was subversive to both Christianity and science the entire time. As the head of the National Institute of Health, Francis Collins bore much responsibility not only for the gain of function research that led to the coronavirus but also for the nation’s pitiful response. The Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic had Francis Collins testify and has revealed some of the highlights of his testimony. The highlights showcase how he lied to the American people about the origins of the virus and about social distancing.


After dodging the question, Francis Collins finally admits that the “lab leak” is not a baseless conspiracy theory.


Recently NIH admitted to funding the Wuhan lab. Here Francis Collins is saying that he does not know the process for vetting foreign labs that receive money and how little oversight there is over the money.


Francis Collins stated that Anthony Fauci invited him to the infamous February 1, 2020 conference call, which “prompted” the public narrative suppressing and vilifying the lab leak hypothesis. This statement directly contradicts Dr. Fauci’s previous statements.


The 6-foot rule was made up after they found that 3 feet does not work and then arbitrarily doubled the distance. Social distancing was always a lie, one that Francis Collins helped to pioneer and usher into society.

Francis Collins is an evil man who may not be punished in this life but will certainly be punished in the next for all the people who died because of his actions.

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  1. Do you have a link for the transcript that you’re pulling these quotes from?

    1. The Committee posted the highlights to the transcript on Twitter. That’s where I got it from.

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