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Some Good Advice For Young Christian Nationalists

The reality is most people in churches are not ready nor likely to give up old habits and ingrained theology. This is true regarding theology related to the post-war consensus such as the obsession with Modern Israel among Evangelicals. So when I stumbled upon some wisdom on how to navigate this issue, I wanted to pass it along. This is largely what how I also navigate the same dilemma.

Philip Derrida, a great Twitter/X follow, posted this thread the other week.

My advice for lay CNs: Avoid ecclesiastical drama.

Church is a qualitatively different space where you partake in the word, sacrament, and fellowship, not heated political debates. You don’t need to convince anyone there of your politics or make anyone based.

It isn’t your job to “fix” the church, pastor, liturgy, or church documents. That job belongs to the ordained. Stay in your lane to the best of your ability.

Now exceptional circumstances can arise, and you might have to stick your neck out, which can be justified, but risky. It is probably better to let another minister know your concerns rather than to get directly involved in drama.

When you are CN, you are already considered a problem by many. Avoid giving them an excuse by avoiding ecclesiastical drama to the best of your ability. Now like I said, this is just advice, not rules. Take it or leave it. Be smart.

One more thing: all of this is based on the assumption that good, brave ordained men exist who can take this off your plate so you can focus on lay concerns. If those men are absent then you and your ecclesiastical body are probably screwed. Sorry.

If we are lay, we are to be faithful to the local church, the best members they have I might add, or at least members they are excited about. Active younger church attenders can be excited for seasoned pastors. I think Phillips advice is a Pauline approach. There are no perfect pastors or churches. It’s okay to have non-negotiables, but you will have to accept imperfection somewhere, and it is a biblical command to stay in fellowship. There is a heavenly reward for our faithful obedience and we should set our eyes upon these things.

Christian Nationalism is looking like a lay movement for the time being, as notable exceptions like Andrew Isker, Joel Webbon, and Dusty Deevers do not have the platform size in Big Eva to counteract the devil’s programming in the church.

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2 Responses

  1. While thankfully my congregation is pretty based when it comes to CN. I’ve also learned to accept differences when it comes to family and friends outside of my congregation including the mountain biking club I’m in.

  2. Hopefully you can be okay with the fact that there are a lot of godly people who are probably really close to your positions, but just can’t quite get there biblically on all points.

    Personally, I would agree on many things, but just can’t seem to come to as extreme conclusions as CN’s do. I full-force reject dispensational theology, and I’m “amil”. I don’t base anything on modern Israel, regardless of whether they are true descendants of ancient Israel or not.

    Also, I wholeheartedly believe in influencing/challenging the culture through both the gospel and politics. I would love to see more like Dusty Deevers be elected to office.

    But I can’t buy into a “Christian Prince”. I also don’t believe that we can use the law to enforce “first table” commandments. Second table, yes, but the first is only truly enforced in the heart through the New Covenant. But I’m totally for outlawing sexual perversion and gender rebellion.

    I also think that a Constitutional Republic is the best possible human government we can have. I can’t see monarchy as being prescriptive, except as what we will look forward to when Christ returns.

    I realize that that you will place me in this or that category or say I’m influenced by this or that post-war whatever. I’m just saying that I have not been convinced scripturally of a lot of CN ideals, although we can certainly agree on much, as far as I can tell. I won’t be “shamed” into the CN position (or any other for that matter). It must be Scripture. So far I have not been convinced, although I appreciate the enthusiasm of those who might take that position.

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