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Mark Dever

Mark Dever Fights Fights To Save Southern Baptist Convention?

Mark Dever has been an instrumental force in spreading Critical Race Theory in the church primarily through the influence of Capitol Hill Baptist Church and 9 Marks. However, in the fight against the incursion of female pastors in the Southern Baptist Convention, Mark Dever is strangely on the right side. Is this merely an instance of someone joining the winning side or is this a redeeming quality in an otherwise woke pastor?

In a video highlighted by the Center for Baptist Leadership, Mark Dever gives an impassioned plea for the Mike Law Amendment. Mark Dever believes that the consensus in the Southern Baptist Convention is in favor of not allowing female pastors and that this is largely a settled issue. He speaks to a more liberal audience trying to placate the concerns they have with passing the Mike Law Amendment, arguing that the SBC is not prone to splitting on minor issues.

Mark Dever appeals to the history of Capitol Hill Baptist Church and the role women played in shaping its history as he argues against Rick Warren’s claims that disallowing female pastors is denying the great Commission to women.

Moreover, the consigliere of Mark Dever’s woke mafia, Jonathan Leeman was on Bart Barber’s cooperation task force which was executing the motion made by James Merritt to research and define “friendly cooperation.” The task force came back with nothing of substance that would sabotage the Mike Law Amendment’s chances at passing, perhaps to save face. But Jonathan Leeman was one of few Mike Law Amendment supporters on the task force, and it should be noted his close ties to Dever.

Mark Dever appears to be mobilizing his base to vote for the Mike Law Amendment. How large is that? It seems as though his base is the Clint Pressley vote at the upcoming convention: woke but not woke enough for female pastors.

The checkered flag is waving for the Mike Law Amendment to cross the finish line of ratification and the orthodox Baptists have a strange cobelligerent in Mark Dever.

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