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Jordan Cooper vs Christian Nationalism

Jordan Cooper vs Christian Nationalism

Jordan Cooper is a Lutheran Christian YouTuber with 53K subs. He is also a theology professor. In the ongoing debate surrounding Christian Nationalism. In an unsurprising Mid Eva trend, the philosophy enthusiast has come down in opposition to Christian Nationalism offering up his own solutions of normalcy instead. But recently he’s attacked Christian Nationalist, Nate Fischer for acknowledging the shortcomings of the US Constitution, in that it failed to prevent America’s current state of decline.

Several months ago, Jordan Cooper talked about the Rob Reiner anti-Christian Nationalist film. He stated how the film was only noteworthy because of several “Christian” talking heads it had in it. Cooper seemed to affirm the profession of faith for David French, Russell Moore, Phil Vischer, Skye Jethani, and Kristen Du Mez. All of these people are flaming liberals, but Cooper seems unphased by this reality.

He then states how he’s not a Christian Nationalist because he’s not a nationalist. He makes reference to Andrew Torba and Stephen Wolfe, making sure to highlight his “concerns” with both of them. Jordan Cooper makes it clear that he’s not on friendly terms with Christian Nationalists.


Jordan Cooper, despite being a philosopher or because he is one, hates effective rhetoric such as “fake and gay.” It’s especially ironic he feels this way while being a Lutheran.

Jordan Cooper was apparently asleep from 2015-2022 when the majority of Americans supported and went along with transgenderism. It was not until Christians started getting confrontational, about the issue, did things meaningfully change in the culture. There was a time when bathroom bills were mocked, all while “Conservatives” were finding their own transvestites like Bruce Jenner and Blaire White to platform. The part about not alienating voting blocs is laughable as Donald Trump 2016 alienated everybody and won.

Most of these are not strategies to win but rather strategies to organize. It’s not that these are bad, but Andrew Isker, the author of the book he doesn’t take seriously, made these points better than Cooper did or could.

Nate Fischer expressed that restoring the Constitution was based in nostalgia for a political paradigm that no longer exists. This viral tweet set off a firestorm as people were quick to denounce Fischer’s faith for it. Yet even if incorrect, nothing Fischer said was outside the bounds of Christianity. Jordan Cooper used this as a moment to dunk on Christian Nationalism for lacking fidelity to the Constitution, all while blocking Fischer and Evangelical Dark Web to prevent us from engaging in dialog. It’s effeminate behavior, frankly. And it’s also dishonest to gaslight people on the Constitution after having lived through the lockdowns of 2020.

The irony is Christian Nationalists are far less likely to make the US Constitution an idol or holy text. This has been evident in multiple critiques, from Cooper to The Gospel Coalition. If Jordan Cooper keeps this up, he might be accepted into the Tim Keller Center. But until then, he’s a Mid Eva philosophy bro who doesn’t know what time it is.

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  1. They always do that type of thing. Get butt hurt about tone instead of addressing any of the issues raised. “You said fake and gay! I’m not listening!” It’s cowardly and effeminate.

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