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Greg Locke

Greg Locke Promoted To NARpostle

The New Apostolic Reformation is a hypercharismatic heretical movement that claims to have modern-day apostles. This movement is often marred by the scandals of its famous personalities. Mike Bickle is the latest high-profile example, and the International House of Prayer was the embodiment of the NAR movement. Greg Locke has been one of the most controversial pastors in the last decade. Initially a MAGA preacher, Greg Locke recently rebranded to be a “deliverance” minister.

Deliverance ministries are often characterized by pathetic displays of pretending to be demon-possessed and often assert that believes can be possessed themselves. Greg Locke’s rebrand away from politics saw him instantly become buddies with Benny Hinn.

Recently, Greg Locke was installed as an apostle, both he and his wife.

What’s interesting is that Malachi O’Brien is the man installing Greg Locke as a NARpostle. O’Brien, reputationally known as the running pastor. He is also a huge fan of the New Apostolic Reformation and  IHOP. He is also a Southern Baptist pastor. Despite this, he is a staunch proponent of female pastors, which makes him an odd combination of theological liberal and ardent defender of Tom Buck.

Malachi O’Brien is anointing an apostle despite the fact that Greg Locke is woefully unqualified to even be a pastor given his well-documented divorce.

Greg Locke’s arc from MAGA pastor to NARpostle is complete, setting off a new era for the New Apostolic Reformation.

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  1. That dude is screwed up in the head. His current wife is illegitimate because he had an affair with her while still married at a previous church that they were involved with. So basically he was the pastor and she was the administrative assistant (or similar position) at the church. He destroyed his previous marriage and probably screwed up his kids spiritual lives.

    If one does some digging it is all out there on the interwebs.

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