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A Personal Note On Nick Rekieta

The Nick Rekieta arrest captured my interest in large part because as a YouTube subscriber, I saw this coming. Nick Rekieta pioneered live court analysis and was largely an inspiration for Evangelical Dark Web’s Annual Southern Baptist Convention livestream. Outside of high-profile trials, I seldom watched Nick. I think the last time I did was when Sidney Watson sued Blaze Media. But I am slow to subscribe on YouTube and rarely unsubscribe. The pastor being the mandatory reporter was a pretext for this outlet covering what was otherwise YouTube drama, but I had a personal interest in the story as well I want to share here.

The week before the arrest, I was talking to another writer at EDW about Nick Rekeita falling off due to his alcoholism. He looked unhealthy. His streams have largely been late-night drinking and talking to his audience, but this devolved into drunkenness and apparently, he’s also masturbated on a stream, forgetting his camera was on. This dwindled his audience to where he was making less than $80 in superchats a stream after being one of the top superchat earners on the internet.

It’s widely agreed that people need to hit rock bottom in an addiction in order to change. Although Jesus can intervene ahead of schedule. After getting arrested, it’s clear so far that Nick Rekieta has not hit rock bottom. Moreover, despite going to church, Rekieta accused Protestants of pedophilia for having Wednesday night children’s programs ie AWANA. Perhaps there was beef brewing between him and his pastor, but at the end of the day, he should have been church disciplined a long time ago and he was found high as a kite with children in the house and nearly an ounce of cocaine.

I want Nick Rekieta to repent and be transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit. He’s going to have to smash his idol of libertarianism which enabled his destruction. He’s going to need to quit the sexual immorality and drugs. These are tall asks, but God is tall, and His grace, mercy, and redemption are great.

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3 Responses

  1. I’ve been sober now going back to Feb 27th 2016. Rock bottom only happens when you decide to stop digging, it doesn’t need to be a catastrophic event. I assume you weren’t implying that only mention it because many addicts convince themselves they need a rock bottom moment s they never get sober.

  2. I appreciated his sharp legal analysis. Less so his cringeworthy Biblical analysis.

    The crux of his problem was his desire to be a people-pleaser. He demurred frequently from over-imbibing, but the requests for toasts just kept coming, and he kept caving. The demands to get into someone else’s drama kept coming, and he would rant for hours to please let him not get involved, yet he kept caving. He had his integrity that appeared right in his own eyes.

    Then again, it’s not outside the realm of probability the Feds drugged him and his wife on behalf of Montegraph and Keffels.

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