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The Failed Anti-Christian Nationalist Counter Offensive

In the past month, there have been two major attacks on Christian Nationalism coming from the Michael O’Fallon and James Lindsay crowd. The first was to conjure the label “woke right” and make it stick to Christian Nationalists. This has backfired spectacularly. Even when figures like Doug Wilson peddle the same myth, some social media heavyweights outside of the Reformed tradition have flipped the tables on them.

For some odd reason, Michael O’Fallon and his attack dogs went after Jack Posobiec, likely due to his affinity for saying Christ is King, although being a Papist. Posobiec has since successfully labeled the James Lindsays of the movement “the woke right.”

The “woke right wasn’t sticking and Jack Posobiec put a nail in the coffin for the time being. So now they reconsulted the Ukrainian military commanders for another counter-offensive against the growing Christian Nationalist movement.

Enter Constitutional idolatry. Nat Fischer possibly set it off with this tweet.

This was used an the impetus for accusing Christian Nationalists of not loving or wanting to return to the Constitution. This offensive was predicated on numerous lies.

The first one imperative to mention is the hypocrisy. Jacob Brunton, a Michael O’Fallon follower, was the main thrust of this strategy.




The so-called “Constitutional Classical Liberals” do not actually want the laws and customs of our nation’s founding. Their version of the Constitution is warped by several decades of the Civil Rights Act and Supreme Court usurpations of explicit Constitutional rights.

Christian Nationalists value the Constitution, but we do not worship it. It is John Adams who said that the Constitution was fit only for moral and religious people, but we are not that. So the debate is over a path forward.

Those who believe in constitutioning harder are the most opposed to using Article V’s Convention of States to reign in the Federal government. The 16th through 19th Amendments shifted this country drastically to the left, by design. I tweeted out to much popularity, “The Constitution exists for America, not America for the Constitution. To say otherwise is to enslave Americans to the Supreme Court.” And more Americans need to remember that.

We do not necessarily need Caesarean reforms to save the republic. Nullification and secession are both options on the table. A Protestant Franco could happen in a Constitutional context. But at the end of the day, the Constitution is not protecting us nor will it come to save us. Nationalism entails a love of people and place, which is a higher principle than Classical Liberalism could ever offer.

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