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Pope Francis Apologizes For Rare Based Moment

Earlier this week, Pope Francis said one of the most based things in his tenure as Pope. It was rather astonishing that Pope Francis would speak biblically confronting homosexuality after allowing homosexual couples to be blessed and writing the forward to a gay update to Jerome’s Bible commentary. A double-minded man is truly unstable. Unfortunately he caved to pressure and apologized.

Pope Francis reportedly shared his objection against gay men being admitted to Italian Catholic Seminaries. Per the outlets, he then allegedly said the word “frociaggine” in Italian — which translates as a derogatory term “faggotry.” Pope Francis told the Italian bishops not to admit homosexuals into seminary, saying “there is already too much ‘faggotry'” in the Church.

This was incredibly based for Pope Francis, and it is more biblical than the language used by most Christians on this issue. Unfortunately, it was not to last, as the Pope’s press director:

Responding to journalists’ questions, the Director of the Holy See Press Office, Matteo Bruni, said the following:

Pope Francis is aware of the articles that came out recently about a conversation, behind closed doors, with the bishops of the CEI (Italian Episcopal Conference).

As he has said on several occasions, “In the Church there is room for everyone, for everyone! No one is useless, no one is superfluous, there is room for everyone. Just as we are, everyone”.

The Pope never intended to offend or express himself in homophobic terms, and he extends his apologies to those who felt offended by the use of a term, reported by others.

Absolute weak sauce coming from Rome.

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