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Doug Wilson

Big Eva Astroturfs New Anti-Doug Wilson Group

It should come as a surprise to absolutely nobody that Doug Wilson has a lot of enemies. Wilson is arguably the most influential Reformed pastor in the United States. Despite the fact that there are various hater groups like Examining Moscow who have launched extensive campaigns against Wilson, none of these coalitions have reached an audience beyond theological liberals. A new group has emerged and it contains a lot of Big Eva support in its infancy despite not providing any warnings, let alone compelling evidence against Doug Wilson. That group is Doug Wilson Says.

Enter Nathan Wells.

Nathan Wells is the face of the group. Wells is an obscure figure in the world of Big Eva. He was a long time missionary, but it seems like he’s a fresh front for which friends in higher places can attack Doug Wilson.

It is with a heavy heart that we will be launching a blog detailing the reasons we have come to believe that Doug Wilson teaches a distorted gospel and does not meet the requirements set in Scripture for the position of elder.

So apparently 6 years in Moscow, Idaho, and now he has a “heavy heart” to start a blog against Doug Wilson. HBe wouldn’t be the first, but why has this gained traction despite no deliverable content? As of now, Doug Wilson Says is merely collecting email addresses.

The answer comes in the followers of Doug Wilson Says. Despite appearing out of nowhere online, they have some large Big Eva organizations and personalities paying attention. The Gospel Coalition follows them on Twitter.

Additionally, Matt Martens of the ERLC, R Scott Clark, and most notably Ligon Duncan all follow Doug Wilson Says. Ligon Duncan is already familiar with Nathan Wells on his personal account.

Ligon Duncan notably went after Doug Wilson on the (also astroturfed) Room For Nuance podcast. Duncan is extremely woke, so it’s unsurprising he has beef with Doug Wilson. Nevertheless, those who hate Doug Wilson, such as Examining Moscow and R Scott Clark knew where to find Doug Wilson Says quite quickly.

Many things on social media are coordinated for good and bad. But that this is so obviously a coordinated attack, and without substance thus far, it should be viewed with suspicion.

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One Response

  1. What? Is Doug Wilson having an affair, I doubt it. The reason why I can’t listen to him is because, I have a tendency to overthink stuff and sure Doug Wilson makes people think but I overthink. So, that is why I’m not into Doug Wilson.

    Sure, I’m a Christian Anarchist and he is a Christian Nationalist but I’m not going to divide over the the issue. Because I love my brothers and sisters in Christ especially those who I grew closer over the years in Minnesota. I love them dearly to divide on the issue of Christian Nationalism vs Christian Anarchism.

    I’m going to place my bet this is just a nothing burger based off of feelings.

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