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The Chosen Season 3

The Chosen’s Divorce From Angel Studios Is Official

The Chosen and Angel Studios have been beefing for quite some time. For season four, The Chosen made a massive effort to cut out Angel Studios in both its fundraising efforts and distribution, by creating a nonprofit ministry to receive donations that will cover the major expenses for Dallas Jenkins’s for-profit company. In addition to its own app, The Chosen is largely available on multiple streaming services including Disney+. Recently Dallas Jenkins announced that The Chosen and Angel Studios have terminated their partnership due to a breach of contract.

Our contention is that shortly after the agreement in 2022 Angel studios breached our contract on multiple occasions to the extent that we believed and should be terminated which would dissolve our relationship with Angel.

Angel, of course, disagrees with that assessment, and ultimately the only way to solve the dispute was to exercise the provision in the contract where we engaged a third party arbitrator. We wanted to solve this in a biblical way, which was to not make it a public spectacle. Private arbitration was the only way to do this in a way that didn’t harm the show or the reputation of Jesus and this project.

Dallas Jenkins stresses that this was not a lawsuit and that private arbitration ruled in their favor allowing the contract to be terminated.

Angel Studios responded:

Sadly, The Chosen, Inc has terminated its agreement with Angel Studios. We hope that one day the agreement may be restored. The team at Angel Studios is so happy we were able to be instrumental in the founding of The Chosen and thrilled our long hours of hard work over the last 8 years helped it become the worldwide success it is. We thank the Angel audience and fans for helping bring The Chosen to life—we couldn’t have done this without you.

Proponents of The Chosen are hailing the severing of some Mormon ties, despite Dallas Jenkin’s affirmation of the salvation of Mormons in the past. The truth is that this was a long time coming for those who were paying attention to The Chosen’s business practices.

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3 Responses

  1. I got the popcorn! When are they going to advertise “Men get to rule their own planet and their wives get to be sex slaves.”

  2. We quit watching when the gay pride stuff took it over and the actors told us to shove off if we didn’t like it, so we did. Never regretted it since. The Bible is the only true source. So sad too because they could have really been Biblically accurate but chose not to when they said young Jesus had “transgressions,” I was shocked with that one.

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