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Glenn Beck Preached Jason Whitlock

Glenn Beck Preached False Mormon Gospel At Jason Whitlock’s Christian Men’s Conference

Last month, Jason Whitlock was embroiled in controversy over inviting a Mormon, Glenn Beck to speak at his Christian Men’s conference, Roll Call. Jason Whitlock defended inviting Glenn Beck to Roll Call stating that Glenn Beck was speaking on history and further claimed that Beck is the best in media on history, even though he’s not even the best on Blaze TV. (That would be Auron MacIntyre, probably.) In fact, Glenn Beck is a post-war consensus revisionist historian at best. Jason Whitlock appeared to have invited Glenn Beck as a career courtesy and did not want to jeopardize the relationship. After seeing clips of Glenn Beck at Roll Call, it’s clear that he was there to preach.

Glenn Beck shared his Mormon faith testimony about how he was an alcoholic, claiming that people have to be brought to their knees to trust in Jesus further pointing out how America needed the same thing.

The reality is most Christians do not have a dramatic conversion story; statistically, they were raised in Christian homes. Glenn Beck then dials the hyperbole up to eleven.

We won’t make it through the next New Year’s if men don’t stand up, men of God and peace, people who understand the full armor of God. That’s not sending you into a war with a gun, that’s sending you into battle with God and the truth and peace and the sword of that truth, His word.

They are afraid. Why do you think they’re silencing everybody? They are terrified of the truth. Speak the truth. If you don’t know how to find the truth, get your face back into the scriptures; the only thing that will be your compass now in these confusing times, because remember ‘even the very elect will be deceived.’

You must be one with the spirit of God. You must have the ever-present spirit of the Holy Spirit with you. And when It says turn around, go back, head the other way, you better do it. And it’s a muscle.

Glenn Beck butchers Scripture, not realizing that Jesus is clearly indicating that the elect cannot be deceived in Matthew 24:24. Glenn Beck mistakenly applies that verse to professing believers. All of this is done under the guise that Americans will face calamity before January 2025 unless we do as Glenn Beck instructs.

Because Glenn Beck is a Mormon, his views on Jesus and Scripture are outside the bounds of Christian orthodoxy to the point where Mormons and Christians do not believe in the same Jesus.

Jason Whitlock said that Glenn Beck was there to talk history, and Glenn Beck gave his gospel presentation. Voddie Baucham spoke beforehand. However, Virgil Walker of G3 Ministries didn’t rebuke Beck’s false gospel, nor did anyone else. Compare this to Mark Driscoll who called out the sword-swallowing performance at John Lindell’s men’s conference, being willing to set off a Charismatic civil war.

Courage was lacking and Jason Whitlock’s conference proved not to be fearless.

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2 Responses

  1. Yeah, it depends on what policy that Virgil Walker has for speaking at men’s conferences, does he have “I’ll accept any conference” or is it something else.

    Also Voddie Bachmann was there as well, at least according to the website.

    It might be like GTY / John MacArthur going to that Christian radio / broadcast conference that he got flack for going to because of Binny Hinn types were there as well.

    In terms of Christian Conferences, I do NOT agree with the idea of having these “Mega Conferences.” It has a tendency to celebratizing well known Christians. I do support Christian Conferences at the local level for the local community. But not these mega conferences.

  2. Not a minor thing to be missed is that Beck called the Holy Spirit, “it” in his remarks. The Holy Spirit is a person but in Mormonism would be a mere force as they are not Trinitarian. He would seem to have been removed from his family’s past by some power, but not unto salvation as Mormonism is a “your works” is righteousness model—not “God’s work” and Christ’s righteousness by faith.
    As to the “State” or powers that be, it would be nice to believe they fear us but it is more likely they just hate God. As a campus evangelist I’ve had campus cops and the administration and faculty all harass me (finally found lawyers Mauck & Baker of Chicago to shut them down). I find it more than just implausible that anyone feared me, though they may have feared John Mauck. (I heard in one faculty member tell students in a class that they hated me however, which is in keeping with what they occasionally say to me in the halls.)
    His remarks strike me in some measure as those of the prosperity gospel. God in fact might have a plan that does not include riches and health. He may wish for you to be poor and infirmed and kicked around as was Paul. This might be for your good where His grace is sufficient. Likewise in the US, I pray each night for the destruction of God’s enemies, though we may not “win” as we’d hope for those who inherit the country. We definitely get to loose our guilt and sins by the blood and righteousness of Christ shed and earned for us. It may be the only way to fix it at this point is to break it as He seems to be allowing. Having done all we are to stand and pray God will win for us. May God have mercy on us and on Glen Beck, as it would seem Whitlock’s “Friends” at this conference will not correct him that the true Christ might be the strength of his life.

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