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Mormons Announce ‘The Chosen’ Style Book Of Mormon Seires

Last week, Dallas Jenkins of The Chosen announced a termination of business between The Chosen and Angel Studios, its Mormon fundraising and distribution partner. This comes after a year of public strife and a related lawsuit regarding personnel poaching. Still, the official reason was a breach of contract by Angel Studios for which The Chosen went to arbitration and terminated the contract. While The Chosen managed to build an audience of Evangelicals, Mormons, and Papists, a new Mormon TV series aims to recreate the success of The Chosen in its depiction of the Book of Mormon.

The Promised was announced as a Mormon series with the intent of reaching a broader audience.

The Promised aims to bring you a story as inspired as The Chosen, as epic as The Lord of the Rings, and as gritty as Apocalypto.

It’s 600 years before the coming of Christ. Before the New Testament, before the Jewish exile, and long before Rome entered the scene… Amidst the Neo-Babylonian siege of Ancient Jerusalem, two Judahite families band together in faith as they seek the fulfillment of God’s promises to the House of Jacob.

This series shows a fight very similar to the one in our day, highlighting a time of political unrest, physical violence, and spiritual illness. The Promised explores themes of courage, strength through trial, and undaunted faith in the face of darkness and uncertainty. It reminds us that God’s promises are true, and that they will be fulfilled – though not in the ways we often expect.

We know that the world needs stories like this that can inspire anyone, regardless of religious background. It’s time to build bridges between faith-based and secular viewers.

Essentially, Mormon Noah is planning his escape from Judea during the Siege of Jerusalem where he will sail across the Atlantic Ocean to establish a race of Mountain Jews in North America. Season one is advertised as a prequel to the Mormon canon.

Mormon media is hyping the show. Ward Radio interviewed the showrunners who collectively have little experience between the three names Ashley Troncoso, Alex Whiting, and Ethan Kartchner. In the article, “Watch out The Chosen, a New “Bible story with Book of Mormon Characters” TV Series is in the Works,” Ward Radio touts Alex Whiting’s experience working on The Chosen as evidence of his ability to execute their method of storytelling. The fake news in all of this is that Alex Whiting was a background character/extra on The Chosen, not a writer.

The concept trailer showcases a scene where Mormon prophet Lehi has an encounter on his way to visit Jeremiah in prison. The show itself is not officially working with Angel Studios, although a partnership is likely if the fundraising effort is successful.

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  1. I thought the acting in the concept trailer was pretty bad. I kept waiting for Lehi to bite his fist.

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