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Nick Fuentes vs Protestantism

Nick Fuentes vs Protestant Christianity: “America First Must Be Catholic.”

Nick Fuentes is a rising commentator on the right. Despite scandal and cancelations, Fuentes and his groyper followers continue to exercise influence in Conservative Media. Recently, Nick Fuentes went viral for claiming that America First must be an exclusively Catholic movement. But does this claim really hold water. Unsurprisingly as Evangelicals, we disagree with Fuentes on this.

The clip is as follows:

My first reaction is that Nick Fuentes seems to ignore the French Revolution. Despite saying how it all went downhill because of America and France, Fuentes seems to blame Protestantism for the French Revolution, which is a stretch, but even if true, this claim does not help the Catholic Church, as it showcases how they were unable to stop and prevent the French Revolution.

Fuentes also ignores Vatican II and its quasi-universalism, especially as it relates to Talmudic Judaism. Perhaps he’s an anti-Vatican II Catholic, those exist, however, this represents a glaring weakness in the insistence that America First must be Papist.

Stephen Wolfe, the author of The Case For Christian Nationalism, argues that Nick Fuentes is actually Vatican First.


In a stunning twist of irony, Wolfe compares Papists to Jews and argues that their foreign devotion is higher. Elsewhere, Stephen Wolfe would point out the Vatican’s previous attempts to overthrow the British Crown. It’s worth noting that Fuentes was arguing for monarchy.

Moreover, Evangelicals, especially White Evangelicals, are consistently the most right-wing demographic on any given issue, whereas Papists are in the middle. Even Mormons are culturally more right-wing than Papists.


It’s not that nothing bad ever came out of the Protestant Reformation or that nothing good ever came out of the rise of the Papacy in the first place. History is complicated, and Nick Fuentes is playing with alternative historical scenarios in which he believes that certain outcomes would have been avoided without Protestantism. The problem is, historically, the Vatican was slow to adapt to changing technology and sentiments. The most Papist places in Europe were largely considered backwater by their contemporaries for centuries. Perhaps liberalism was inevitable, and therefore placing blame is a fruitless exercise.

Nevertheless, America is a great nation, and it was built by Protestants. Trying to change this identity to Papist can never truly be American, therefore is not actually America First.

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  1. The Catholics didn’t come over to found the USA, it had a heavy Puritan influence on the culture plus, it was all the Protestant countries that were the more wealthier than the Catholic countries. Protestant countries are much closer to Jesus because we pray directly to Jesus instead of this “bypass” way to the Trinity aka Marry and other saints to Jesus. I’m sure that if the Lord brought Marry back down and had power, she would throw an asteroid to hit the Vatican with the Pope speaking at one of his annual meetings / conference. Plus stricking all those who worship* her if they don’t Repent from it.

    * Dr. James White blow up the idea that RCC people don’t worship Marry from one of his segments that he did on his show, with Protestia video clip.

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