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Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson: I’m Becoming More Calvinist By The Day

Tucker Carlson is one of the biggest names in Conservative Media. Since leaving Fox News, he has landed many of the biggest interviews in media and has given a few interesting interviews himself. In a recent interview, he talks about his disillusionment with free will and growing belief in Calvinism.

In a three hour interview on the Shawn Ryan Show, Tucker Carlson was asked how he’s had a successful 33-year-long marriage.

I mean luck, destiny, providence plays a huge role. You know, you’re not the author of your success or entirely of your failures. I would say also there’s a lot that happens in life that is not the product of choices that you made. Free will is overrated. I’m becoming more Calvinist by the day. Just watch it, you know? Does the 5-year-old get leukemia because she did something wrong? Like no. A lot of things… You spent a lot of your life in war, people you know who died. Did they deserve [it]? You know what I mean?…

Things happen that are not, for good and bad, that are not sort of up to you, and so a lot of having a happy marriage is just marrying someone with whom you’re compatible and you change. I met my wife in 1984 and it’s a completely different country, and we’re different people, but we’re different in the same way.

Tucker Carlson also took a soft jab at the Pope saying:

I don’t know what’s going on with the Pope. I’m not Catholic so I’m not going to comment on thatm but like [it] doesn’t look like Christianity to me.

Tucker Carlson also took a jab at Branch Covidianism.

I stopped going to church during covid for that exact reason when the Priestess at our church was like, which is itself like nuts but whatever, the denomination was nuts. I didn’t quite realize how nuts until civid, and then the director of the church is like well we can’t have services because I’m afraid of getting covid and dying. And it’s like, you’re afraid of dying? Really? You’re afraid? Their whole religion was not to be afraid of dying; like, the whole point of our religion is that we don’t need to be afraid of dying.

I remember being so shocked by that, and I went home and said to my wife I was like we’re not going to church again this chick says she’s afraid of dying.

Tucker Carlson has come a long way since his Episcopalian background.

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