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Mormons Announce ‘The Chosen’ Style Book Of Mormon Seires Last week, Dallas Jenkins of The Chosen announced a termination of business between The Chosen and Angel Studios, its Mormon fundraising and distribution partner. This comes after a year of public strife and a related lawsuit regarding personnel poaching. Still, the official reason was a breach of contract by Angel Studios for which The […]

The Chosen’s Divorce From Angel Studios Is Official

The Chosen and Angel Studios have been beefing for quite some time. For season four, The Chosen made a massive effort to cut out Angel Studios in both its fundraising efforts and distribution, by creating a nonprofit ministry to receive donations that will cover the major expenses for Dallas Jenkins’s for-profit company. In addition to […]

The Chosen Arrives On Disney+

If you ever needed more proof that The Chosen is non-threatening and depicts a less-than-authentic Jesus, consider that The Chosen is now available on Disney+. This is not the first time The Chosen has made it onto a secular streaming platform. However, Disney has rarely licensed content for Disney+ as opposed to Hulu where The […]

Exposing How The Chosen Uses Woke Preachers The Chosen and the He Gets Us Campaign are a Venn diagram in their depiction of Jesus that is increasingly becoming a circle. The seeker-sensitive mentality is well-known in both instances. The Chosen has been marred by numerous scandals including Dallas Jenkins defending Mormonism and The Chosen promoting homosexuality in their promotional videos (along […]

Dallas Jenkins Lies About Mormons And The Chosen Not Being A Ministry The Chosen has been on a media campaign for its fourth season and Dallas Jenkins tapped Allen Parr for an interview where he responds to criticisms about the show. Allen Parr is a woke player in Christian YouTube defending Eric Mason and attacking discernment ministries. Using liberals to do interviews for The Chosen seems […]

The Chosen Advertises Getting God’s Sovereignty Wrong The Chosen’s fourth season is underway with an incremental theatrical release. So despite affirming homosexuality on their set and in their promotional material, The Chosen nevertheless remains a pervasive force in Christianity, as The Shack was many years ago. Our series reviews thus far have highlighted The Chosen’s seeker-friendly approach to adapting the Bible. […]

Jonathan Roumie and Jesus: The Latest Blasphemy with The Chosen

Hardly is there a man on the face of the earth who loves playing the part of Christ more than Jonathan Roumie, the lead star on Dallas Jenkins’s series, The Chosen. The serialized depiction of Jesus has been the object of much critique and for good reason. On screen, the series adds entire stories to […]

How The Chosen Gets Philip and Nathanael Wrong | S2E2 Review Our series episodic review of The Chosen continues after ten months of inactivity with Season 2 Episode 2 “I Saw You.” As soon as the episode begins, I am reminded why it’s been ten months since I’ve watched it. The episode is best characterized as a bunch of grown men talking about their feelings […]

Got Questions Defends The Chosen Got Questions is one of the largest online ministries in terms of web traffic only smaller than Bible apps and entire religions, ranked 12th on Similar Web in the faith and belief category. This makes them much larger than The Gospel Coalition and Desiring God by the mere presence of search traffic alone. Aptly […]

Livestream Announcement: On The Chosen Tonight at 9pm EDT, we will be discussing The Chosen, for the first time live. But we will be discussing also one of the largest online ministries, Got Questions and their defense of The Chosen. Support the Evangelical Dark Web By becoming a member of Evangelical Dark Web, you get access to more content, […]