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Got Questions Defends The Chosen Got Questions is one of the largest online ministries in terms of web traffic only smaller than Bible apps and entire religions, ranked 12th on Similar Web in the faith and belief category. This makes them much larger than The Gospel Coalition and Desiring God by the mere presence of search traffic alone. Aptly […]

Livestream Announcement: On The Chosen Tonight at 9pm EDT, we will be discussing The Chosen, for the first time live. But we will be discussing also one of the largest online ministries, Got Questions and their defense of The Chosen. Support the Evangelical Dark Web By becoming a member of Evangelical Dark Web, you get access to more content, […]

Inside The Chosen’s Prosperity Gospel Sermons The Chosen has had a troublesome year, despite being the most profitable TV show marketed to Christians. Earlier this year, The Chosen showcased the pride flag in their behind the scenes promotional content. The Chosen had since doubled down on that. Dallas Jenkins would claim that The Chosen is not a ministry. This, in […]

Voddie Baucham vs. Dallas Jenkins: Does The Chosen Violate Second Commandment? For all the controversy surrounding The Chosen, it has been a revelatory year for the Mormon backed depiction of Christ. The latest controversy involves the comments of Voddie Baucham on The Chosen given during the Babylon Bee’s longform, sit-down interview podcast. After contrasting the collusion of Steve Deace, catholic writers, and Glenn Beck to […]

Dallas Jenkins: The Chosen Is Not Depicting Transfiguration In late, May, early June, Dallas Jenkins and The Chosen were embroiled over a controversy on how The Chosen had pride flags on set in celebration of sodomy in a blatant display of irreverence towards the source material that loosely inspires the show. Last week, Dallas Jenkins told fans that he would not be […]

Phil, Jase Robertson Defend Pride Flags on The Chosen

Last week, Steve Deace, Executive Producer and author behind the movie Nefarious, the question about pride flags on the set of The Chosen, in which he gave a strong rebuke of the atmosphere which would allow such on the set of a Christian production. On June 12th, the Robertson clan commented on the controversy. The […]

The Shady Business Practices of Dallas Jenkins and The Chosen

Dallas Jenkins has been on the defensive over allowing pride flags on his set of The Chosen, a show that dubiously claims to depict the “authentic Jesus.” On Sunday, Dallas Jenkins released a video explaining his position in allowing pride flags on his set. In that video he insisted that The Chosen was not a […]

Dallas Jenkins Responds To The Chosen Pride Flag Controversy

Dallas Jenkins has published a video on The Chosen’s YouTube channel responding to the controversy that arose from The Chosen having a pride flag on set and then subsequently glamorizing it in a behind the scenes video. Predictably, Dallas Jenkins is indignant about the controversy and the issue at play. And as telegraphed in the […]

Christian Post Runs Cover For The Chosen

Last Monday Evangelical Dark Web was among the first to cover The Chosen allowing and then glamorizing pride flags on its set. Late to the part on this is predictably, The Christian Post which featured an interview with Dallas Jenkins defending the pride flags on set. The article itself reads like a press release/ rebuttal […]

The Chosen Doubles Down On Pride Flags On Set

The Chosen published a behind the scenes video showcasing a pride flag on the set of a show depicting Jesus. Unsurprisingly, controversy ensued. Evangelical Dark Web may have been one of the first to cover it, but the Daily Wire would mainstream the story. On social media, The Chosen would double down on allowing the […]