The Gospel Coalition softens slander against Kyle Rittenhouse


In a rare move, The Gospel Coalition has walked back a previous woke analysis made by one of its contributors, K. Edward Copeland that had slandered Kyle Rittenhouse. The initial slander had called him a mass shooter and compared him to Dylan Roof. The updated version of the article only compares him to Dylan Roof. […]

Why Kyle Rittenhouse should sue The Gospel Coalition


The acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse now frees him up to level his slanderers, of which the list is long. Even those in Conservative media largely failed to back him up. But Kyle Rittenhouse is certainly eligible to get him some of that Nick Sandmann money. In short there were a large portion of the population […]

The Gospel Coalition Argues Against Religious Exemptions

TGC Religious liberty is dead in the United States and it died when churches were told to shut their doors and they happily ceded this authority to the government. Moreover these same churches groveled at the government’s feet to reopen and return to the government’s new normal. Yet The Gospel Coalition has a lawyer argue […]

The Gospel Coalition Wants Effeminate Men

TGC It’s no secret that The Gospel Coalition is one of the worst publications that claims to be Christian media. They are weak on just about every hot issue going on in the church whether it be Critical Race Theory, Revoice, or Branch Covidianism. Around the globe, The Gospel Coalition acts as state propaganda to […]

The Gospel Coalition Pushes Vaccine Passports

TGC The Gospel Coalition continues to peddle false doctrine and be wrong or weak on every major cultural issue. In Australia, The Gospel Coalition’s Overton Window is so warped that those in the world and of the world stand very much apart from their believers in other countries as The Gospel Coalition types continue to […]

The Gospel Coalition’s nonsensical National Debt argument


Joe Carter is a Big Eva double whammy. He’s part of The Gospel Coalition. And he’s also a pastor at McLean Bible Church, the home of David Platt. I’ve often called him Buzzfeed Joe Carter for his low quality explainers. And this explainer on the national debt is no different. The Gospel Coalition published an […]

The Gospel Coalition Goes Full Blue Anon


The Gospel Coalition recently created a series of Ted Talk videos they call TGC Talks which started off with a Critical Race Theorist, Justin Giboney that largely functioned as a defense of Woke Evangelicalism. The most recent TGC Talk was denouncing “Christian Nationalism” right before Americans celebrate Independence Day. Michael Horton gives the lecture. Horton […]

Debunking Justin Giboney and The Gospel Coalition’s Ted Talk


The Gospel Coalition is starting a series of Ted Talks, cleverly called “TGC Talks” with Justin Giboney as the first speaker in this series. Justin Giboney is part of the And Campaign, a rapidly growing woke evangelical political activism organization. The And Campaign supports social justice which includes but is not limited to their version […]

The Gospel Coalition simps for Canadian government while James Coates is on trial


If you ever had any doubts that The Gospel Coalition is an evil organization, their treatment of James Coates is confirmation. James Coates is the Canadian pastor of GraceLife Church who has been forced underground because of the Canadian government. Canada under its socialist prime minister has exercised ample tyranny in the form of lockdowns. […]

The Loser Mentality of The Gospel Coalition


It’s not every day The Gospel Coalition writes something so blatantly antithetical to how Christians should conduct themselves with a headline so bluntly worded to that effect. Alas, the article titled, All Christians Are ‘Losers’ exemplifies the wrong mentality that The Gospel Coalition wants to promote onto the church. Chris Colquitt is the author. The […]