What is the Evangelical Dark Web?

The Evangelical Dark Web is a decentralized online community of Christian believers who fight to maintain the orthodoxy of Evangelical Christianity

Why does the Evangelical Dark Web exist?

The Evangelical Dark Web exists largely because the establishment, Big Eva, has been corrupted by frauds, heretics, and fallen heroes.

While we also partake in combating false religions outside of Evangelical Christianity, we exist to fight three specific heresies that are prevalent in corrupting the Evangelical Church in the United States and abroad:

  1. Prosperity Gospel
  2. Social Justice Gospel
  3. Popularity Gospel

What does Evangelical Dark Web want to achieve?

The Evangelical Dark Web has the following goals:

  1. Anathematize the aforementioned false doctrines. Though we want all heresies wiped out, our focus is wiping out three of the most prevalent and dangerous threats to the church.
  2. Exposing false teachers. An essential function of pastoring is being able to protect sheep from wolves, even wolves in sheep’s clothing. There is no shortage of bible verses that warn of false teachers. But this essential gift is missing in too many. Presently, false teachers are rampant, as are their aforementioned heresies. 
  3. Dismantling the celebrity culture within Evangelicalism. Part of why we are seeing the issues we are seeing in the church is that we have a worship mentality surrounding several prominent teachers both false teachers and true teachers. Essentially, protestants have created their own popes. The Evangelical Dark Web wants to model a healthy respect for prominent Christian influencers that is unafraid to disagree or call out error and promote this mentality among Grassroots Evangelicals.
  4. Promoting Biblical Eldership. Church governance is vital in the long run to protecting gospel preaching churches from succumbing to apostasy as so many others have. Therefore it is important that churches adopt the New Testament model for church governance.