Abolish Abortion

It is biblically untenable for a mother to murder her own child and for anyone to assist them in doing so. In following this logic, we advocate for the criminalization of abortion and further believe that those who procure and those who administer are committing a capital offense.

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  1. […] By no means. March For Life failed to champion pro-life legislation, at least, until they had no control over the movement. They protest Roe v. Wade but are apart of zero efforts to challenge or defy the ruling. Do they contribute to the pro-life cause on a cultural level? Sure. But the opportunity cost must be considered. Money to March For Life could have gone towards real pro-life organizations such as Save The Storks and Free The States. Factoring in the opportunity cost of our time, money, and attention, its clear that March For Life has been a detriment to the cause of abolishing abortion. […]


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