Christianity Today Claims Overturning Roe Hurt Pro-Life Movement In Blue States

Compromise Today

Big Eva’s response to the overturning of Roe v Wade is most accurately described as reserved and worrisome as opposed to the grassroots Evangelicals openly celebrating the overturn of the most unjust Supreme Court decision in American history. In similar fashion, Christianity Today, the home of Russell Moore, published an article by Emily Belz titled, Reversing […]

Pride Month Ends In Butthurt For The Wicked

Without the martyrdom of St. George Floyd or the continued threat of Covid, Pride Month 2022 was set to be a major front of the Spiritual Warfare taking place in our society. With the passage of the Florida so-called “Don’t Say Gay” bill which aimed to curb groomer teachers, state level efforts to ban transgenderism […]

Ghost Megachurches: Salem Baptist Church Hires Charlie Dates To Stem The Bleeding In this edition of our series on Ghost Megachurches, we cover a predominantly black church in Chicago that once boasted 10000 members now in an evident decline. In the same month that Rick Warren announced his successor Andy Wood, James Meeks announced Charlie Dates would replace him at Salem Baptist Church in Chicago. Branch […]

David Platt Wins. Lawsuit Against McLean Bible Church Dismissed.

Last summer McLean Bible Church became embroiled in a leadership dispute over bylaw violations that resulted in the church approving a slate of elders. The dispute led to a lawsuit filed by the dissenting church members. At the time, Evangelical Dark Web reported: David Platt is one of the most prominent pastors in the Southern […]

Rick Warren Responds To 4 Year Old Tom Ascol Tweet To Defend Egalitarianism

In the middle of the night, Rick Warren found himself responding to a four year old tweet by Tom Ascol in order to obfuscate the issue of egalitarianism and his ordination of females into the pastorate. Rick Warren early on endorsed Bart Barber for president of the SBC. This came after his church ordained women […]

Evangelical Covenant Church Elects First Female President

“Yaasss Queen!” proclaimed the Evangelical Covenant Church as they elected their first female denominational president. The 136th Annual Meeting in Kansas City, Missouri voted 20-1 to elect Tammy Swanson-Draheim to lead the ECC. Catherine Gilliard who announced Tammy Swanson-Draheim to the audience stated, “You are a leader, a trailblazer, and a pastor to pastors who […]

SCOTUS Delivers Win For Praying Football Coach

The Supreme Court delivered another conservative victory after overturning Roe v Wade, in the case of a football coach praying on the field post game. According to the majority opinion, the facts of the case were as follows: Joseph Kennedy began working as a football coach at Bremerton High School in 2008 after nearly two decades […]

Making Abortion Unimaginable Is An Unbiblical Goal It seems counterintuitive for someone who is pro-life to argue that making abortion unimaginable or unnecessary is unbiblical. Yet we can never forget that words have meaning. Unimaginable denotes the inability to conceive of the idea. Unnecessary denotes that abortion is otherwise necessary. Unbiblical means having no basis in Scripture or truth.   She […]

JD Hall Removed From Protestia, Polemics Report

While the DUI arrest of JD Hall may have been unjust pretense to disqualify him from ministry, the latest incident involving JD Hall was not. Protestia published a statement announcing that they are removing JD Hall from the ministry he founded because of an unspecified, yet serious sin he committed. Earlier this week, the team […]

An Unapologetic Celebration of Roe’s Overturn

For the Christian, there is only one correct response to the official overturn and that is rejoice. God has shown mercy on the United States in the midst of our drastic decline as a nation and the economic upheaval we are facing. Abortion is undoubtedly the worst collective sin in our nation’s history and there […]