David French’s rejection of the Christian Worldview

https://youtu.be/fktHQFkkb5Y In part two of the coverage of David French’s interview on Russell Moore’s Christianity Today podcast, we see how little David French thinks of the people he makes a lot of money claiming to understand and represent. In part one, we saw what David Frenchism was the desire to lose pretty over winning ugly. […]

What is David Frenchism?

https://youtu.be/py4E_nqbNOU David French has emerged as one of the most hated personalities in conservatism. He’s essentially a meme because of his most famous column defending drag queen story hour as a blessing of liberty. Yet is this hatred really deserved? Of course it is. But does the hatred stem from mere disagreement or something far […]

It’s not hard for politicians to repent of Branch Covidianism

Many of those who have pushed their way to the front of the line fighting Branch Covidianism instinctually supported it when it first emerged, like Matt Walsh, Tucker Carlson, James Lindsay, etc. However, very few of these people with large platforms have admitted the folly of their ways. Donald Trump is chief among those who […]

Ronnie Floyd resigns from SBC Executive Committee

The unforced implosion of the Southern Baptist Convention by forgoing attorney client privilege has decimated the Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention leading them hemorrhaging one of their most influential members, Ronnie Floyd, a former convention president and the CEO of the committee. This comes after the lawyers for the Southern Baptist Convention sent […]

The Vaccine Mandate Townhall

https://youtu.be/nxi1TKLXQnA Opening Statement I’ve been wanting to do this townhall event for a while. My hesitance came with waiting to put my advice and resources into practice before I put on an event that I have promoted more than anything else I’ve done with Evangelical Dark Web to this point. I have some experience facing […]

Report: Amish rejected lockdowns and had better results

Unsurprisingly, the Amish were a social and medical control group for choosing preindustrial methods to combat COVID-19 in their communities. And also unsurprisingly, they had better results from a health perspective than the US government who locked the country down and funded a leaky vaccine while denying effective treatment. Sherryl Attinson documents the Amish in […]

North Carolina’s Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson is BASED

It’s rare to see a politician, even a self-proclaimed Christian politician stand up to the homosexual agenda and not back down, but here we are. A welcomed exception to this trend is Mark Robinson, Lt. Governor of North Carolina who recently spoke at a church condemning homosexuals and transvestite material being used in schools to […]

Southern Baptist Convention Receives Breakup Letter From Its Lawyers

https://youtu.be/Y9dOP-tTe1g Ever since the Conservative Resurgence 2.0 was decisively defeated at SBC21, the Southern Baptist Convention’s reputation has sunk, primarily through the scandals of its new President Ed Litton. However, after successfully using the issue of sex abuse as a prop for convention politics, the SBC is now tasked with delivering the outcomes described in […]

Announcement: Evangelical Dark Web to host Vaccine Mandate Townhall

https://youtu.be/2SEDySETHgg The Evangelical Dark Web is hosting a virtual townhall to hear the concerns of believers who are facing or could face a vaccine mandate in their workplace or even ministry. The church needs to be united on an issue facing so many both within outside of the church. In helping this effort, Evangelical Dark […]

State of the church Australia

Evangelical Dark We

https://youtu.be/eI1hEDxF4_8 In the ninth Evangelical Dark Web livestream, we get insight on the church in Australia from a local perspective. tackling heavy topics like lockdowns, Australia’s political climate, the pro-life movement, and Brian Houston. All of these things provide much insight into the church in Australia. Essentially Paul describes how churches aren’t meeting in Australia’s […]