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Eric Metaxas’s Letter To The American Church Documentary Is NGMI “Not gonna make it” is a modern colloquial expression. It is often used in online communities, particularly in gaming and internet culture, to express that someone is not likely to succeed or achieve a particular goal. The term is typically used in a lighthearted or joking manner, but it can also convey a sense […]

The Gospel Coalition’s False Moral Equivalency On Partisanship


How one views the modern American parties is a good indication of whether or not they understand the times. It’s undeniable that the Democrats are a truly evil party that wants to permit invasion, sexually mutilate children, murder babies, and bankrupt the economy. The Republican Party has pockets of binge better, particularly at state levels, […]

Livestream Announcement: NGMI Evangelicalism Tonight at 9 pm eastern Evangelical Dark Web will be discussing strategy, tactics, and messaging that are NGMI (not gonna make it.) We will be discussing a documentary trailer as well as recent articles and more. Support the Evangelical Dark Web By becoming a member of Evangelical Dark Web, you get access to more […]

John MacArthur Responds To Alistair Begg Gay Wedding Controversy. But Is He A Hypocrite? After disinviting Alistair Begg from the Shepherds Conference, John MacArthur was asked in a recent Q&A to respond to the Alistair Begg controversy from a true Scotsman. John MacArthur gave a sound rebuke of Begg’s counsel, but there’s more to the story than just that. When Evangelical Dark Web broke the story of Alistair […]

Big Eva Beats Drums Of War As Ukraine Suffers Massive Defeat Towards the end of World War II, the best German pilots were either killed in action or alive in an Ally prison camp. Similarly, a famous Japanese pilot was ordered to become a kamikaze pilot. Admiral Yamamoto was long dead, killed in action. Yet these powers carried on determined to fight an unwinnable war. […]

Rob Reiner’s Anti-Christian Nationalist Film Flops In Theaters

The day has come for Rob Reiner’s anti-Christian Nationalist film,¬†God & Country: The Rise Of Christian Nationalism¬†to arrive in theaters and the results are in from its first weekends at the box office and they are pitiful. The liberal documentary made just $38,415 in theaters during its opening weekend. Limited-release documentaries are not exactly blockbuster […]

Carol Swain’s Ignorance On Church History

Christian Post is on a tear publishing cringeworthy articles, and an article last week from former Vanderbilt University professor turned Conservative Inc. speaker Carol Swain defending bad theology with an even worse reading of church history is something to behold. The article titled “My ignorance of Jews and church history” is aptly named yet conveys […]

Latest Podcast: Doug Wilson’s Cease and Desist Letter On Saturday, we reported on Doug Wilson’s case and desist letter threatening a lawsuit against an anonymous social media group dedicated against him. Here is a podcast/latest YouTube video on that. Powered by RedCircle Support the Evangelical Dark Web By becoming a member of Evangelical Dark Web, you get access to more content, help […]