Going Old Testament With Dr. Russell Fuller

https://youtu.be/fDDK5JBwb_8 Dr. Russell Fuller was fired from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, the flagship seminary in the Southern Baptist Convention, by Al Mohler in early 2020 for standing up to the mission drift in the seminary. He is a leading expert in Ancient Hebrew and an incredible Old Testament scholar that I sat under and learned […]

Kirk Cameron Denied Story Hour By Public Libraries

Prominent faith-based film actor, Kirk Cameron has recently published a children’s book, by Brave Books, called As You Grow. As part of a promotional tour of the book Kirk Cameron sought to schedule reading hours at local public libraries across the country. According to Fox News, Cameron contacted and was rejected by over 50 public […]

Al Mohler Wrong On Trump Comments

Donald Trump made a lot of headlines about his comments on the threat that fraudulent elections pose to the US Constitution. Naturally, Al Mohler, the president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary weighed in during his latest episode of The Briefing. Al Mohler did not comment in the podcast about his status as a defendant in […]

November 2022 EDW Report

Every month Evangelical Dark Web publishes an update on what’s going on in this ministry and the movement at large. November was a much slower month than the previous months. Things generally slow down for ecclesiastical news around holidays. November had both an election and Thanksgiving. But despite these breaks, traffic was still good. Towards […]

The Gospel Coalition Awards Woke Books


The Gospel Coalition is one of the largest online ministries in the United States and perhaps globally. Their influence cannot be understated and is felt in many male-headship believing Evangelicals churches, even conservative ones. Much of what The Gospel Coalition does in between writing articles, producing podcasts and hosting conferences was promoting books. Big Eva […]

Matt Chandler Returns After Bizarre Leave of Absence

https://youtu.be/2MtnBtLGSbg After three months of a leave of absence, Matt Chandler returns to preaching on Sunday at The Village Church. In late August, it was announced by the elders of The Village Church and Matt Chandler himself that he would be placed on a leave of absence for an issue that was never publicly explained. […]

The Gospel Coalition Calls Ruth and Naomi a Civil Union


https://youtu.be/RTa46uHFnGU Joe Carter is mostly known for writing Buzzfeed type FAQ articles, at The Gospel Coalition and other outlets, but it seems like the time he has stepped out of that role was to defend David French and advocate for civil unions by using Ruth and Naomi as an example of one. Little does Joe […]

Why Al Mohler Lied About Dr. David Sills

https://youtu.be/7w6soXdzWuk Al Mohler, the president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, has been listed, long with his seminary, as a defendant in Dr. David Sills defamation lawsuit against the Southern Baptist Convention. The lawsuit surrounds an affair that David Sills had with Jennifer Lyell, at one time the most powerful woman in the SBC as a […]

Johnny Hunt Restored To Ministry After Being Accused Of Sexual Assault

Johnny Hunt was once the president of the Southern Baptist Convention. Then he was figuratively put out to pasture after the Guidepost Sex Abuse Task Force Report accused him of sexual assault with another pastor’s wife who was complicit in the coverup. Johnny Hunt has denied committing any sort of sexual assault but said that his […]