Andy Stanley’s Gay Church Sales Pitch Andy Stanley has come under fire for his views on homosexuality that have been on record for over a decade. Nonetheless, discernment bloggers have forced the issue into the mainstream, and in this past weekend’s sermon, Andy Stanley publicly supported the homosexual agenda, calling it the result of the long shadow of Jesus’ ministry. […]

Dennis Prager and Jordan Peterson Defend Lust, Pornography As a nonbeliever, according to his daughter who also lacks a credible profession of faith, Jordan Peterson has made a lot of money with his teachings on the Bible. His Genesis content is some of his most viewed content, and he has followed it up with Exodus. Peterson has recently released a clip of […]

The Gospel Coalition Erroneously Claims Wrath Is Not An Attribute Of God


Algorithm Christianity aims to make Christianity palatable by diluting the gospel for mass appeal. This is a main observation of megachurch Christianity in America and around the world. You’ll often hear these churches preach that Christ saves us from the difficulties of life, our messiness. Yet The Gospel Coalition despite having the gospel in its […]

Beth Moore Goes Full Robin DiAngelo, Calling White Men Racist

A recently surface video from the “Racism In The White Church” conference shows Beth Moore going full Robin DiAngelo trying to convince white people how racist they are. Woke Preacher Clips unveiled a video in which Beth Moore describes a white friend of hers who wants to be an ally, who swears he’s not a […]

Big Eva Pushes Enneagram Conference

The enneagram has been branded as a personality test for Christians becoming a significant part in Evangelical subculture. Big names, like Russell Moore are headlining the Gospel For The Enneagram Conference. The origins of the enneagram personality test are somewhat unclear and subject to debate. The enneagram is a model of human personality that describes […]

Josh Duggar’s Sentence Quietly Extended

The 19 Kids And Counting reality TV star quietly had his sentenced pushed back nearly two months. His original release date was set for August 12, 2032, but now prison record show it has been pushed back to October 2, 2032. Josh Duggar was disgraced after it was discovered that he molested his younger sister. […]

Karen Swallow Prior To Leave Southeastern Seminary

A feminist icon in the Southern Baptist Convention announced on Twitter that she would not be returning to her position at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary next semester. Karen Swallow Prior has long been a controvesial figure in the Southern Baptist Convention, fooling many, even Tom Buck. Unfortunately for the Bucks, Karen Swallow Prior was at […]

Is Johnny Hunt’s Lawsuit A Violation of 1 Corinthians 6?

Lawsuits are quite common it seems in Christian news reporting. The Southern Baptist Convention is currently involved with at or around nine lawsuits, each with varying degrees of biblical grounding. Johnny Hunt is the latest lawsuit to face scrutiny over whether it violates 1 Corinthians 6. Does any one of you, when he has a […]