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ERLC’s Brent Leatherwood Eulogizes Dianne Feinstein As Bipartisan

Senator Dianne Feinstein died. She hated Christ. She was a tyrant. There’s a culture in Christianity that likes to suppose that her outcome isn’t known, but this is just a spirit of timidity amidst the assurance that the Bible provides. For if we have confidence in our own salvation, then we have a similar confidence […]

The Gospel Coalition Announces Carson Center


After the launch of the Keller Center for Cultural Apologetics, The Gospel Coalition has announced its latest organization to honor one of its founders: the Carson Center for Theological Renewal, to honor Don Carson. According to the announcement: Around the world today, biblical illiteracy inhibits spiritual depth—not just in the shrinking church of the West […]

Ron DeSantis Defends Life, Wins 2nd Presidential Debate The 2nd Republican Presidential Primary debate featured all the personalities of the prior debate less Asa Hutchinson who is a discount Mike Pence. Donald Trump was absent yet became a target from nearly all the candidates for not showing up, among other things. Fox News hosted this debate and went woke in their questions, […]

McLean Bible Church Installs Woke Lead Pastor As David Platt Steps Down From Role

In a rather surprising move for a Big Eva pastor, David Platt is stepping down as lead pastor of McLean Bible Church, a church based in northern Virginia that has been at the center of lawsuits, wokeness, and Branch Covidianism. David Platt announced earlier this month that Mike Kelsey would be installed at a business […]

Primary Debate Breakdown Livestream Annoucement In the spirit of wanting to hear what other people think, and engage in adult conversations about the election, Evangelical Dark Web is doing it’s first ever call-in show. It will be breaking down the RNC primary debate and recent campaign events, of which there is a lot to discuss. Here’s how it works. […]

Debunking Andy Woodard’s Lies About Christian Nationalism Michael O’Fallon is perhaps the leading figure among the anti-Christian Nationalist who rejected wokeness, and he recently had a small conference attacking this theology of civil magistrate. A lecture given by Andy Woodard was perhaps one of the most clownish attempts to argue against Christian Nationalism to date. Andy Woodard is the Nathaniel Jolly […]

Bart Barber Reportedly Claimed Leading Christian Nationalists Unchurched

Last month we reported that Bart Barber was whoring himself to the liberal media specifically to attack Christians. The specifics of that were based on his participation in the Texas Tribune Festival which occurred last week. This is the same conference that has David French interviewing Russell Moore in a gay church. Bart Barber, prez […]

ELCA Celebrates First Sodomite Bishop

Evidently the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America skipped some steps in the slippery slope of theological liberalism. They had previously had a transvestite bishop who was quickly removed for racism last year. But now they have their first openly homosexual bishop, in their mainline denomination. Jeff R. Johnson, from Berkeley, Calif., was elected Sept. 17 […]

Matt Walsh vs Pearl Davis On Marriage The Manosphere has long been critical of marriage and multiple players in the game have advocated sowing wild oats like Andrew Tate and Rollo Tomassi. Pearl Davis is perhaps more nuanced catering to a class of people blackpilled on marriage and women and people pursuing traditional lifestyle. Last week, a lot of beef happened […]