America’s Three Deadly Sins

Over the last several decades, the idea of American exceptionalism has been eroded as the cultural Marxists have overtaken every institution. The creed GK Chesterton once described American being founded upon has been rejected by the cultural revolution. For the past century, Europe largely descended into the post-Christian and secular nations it remains today. Meanwhile […]

Nothing Omicron Under the Sun

Following a joyous Thanksgiving for millions of Americans, the latest and greatest panic campaign has been launched: a new variant. The latest Covid mutation is claimed to have originated in South Africa, containing at least thirty mutations. America and Europe have already instituted travel restrictions to several South African nations while the global financial markets […]

Both Ahmaud Arbery and Kyle Rittenhouse received justice: Provocation vs. Self Defense

After 10 hours of juror deliberations, the defendants Travis McMichael, Gregory McMichael, and William “Roddie” Bryan were convicted for their involvement in the murder of Ahmaud Arbery. The differences in their convictions are as follows: Travis McMichael, the shooter, was the only one convicted on all counts, including Count 1, Malice Murder; the father, Gregory […]

Ron DeSantis Understands Romans 13

It was to no great irony that Ron DeSantis ventured to unincorporated Brandon, Florida to sign into law measures to eradicate Covidstan in Florida and workaround the Biden Regime’s vaccine mandate via OSHA. Under HB 1B (2021), companies must accept the following in lieu as valid exemptions for vaccinations: pregnancy (preexisting or expectant), medical concerns, […]