DarkLinks 42: Alaskan Baptist divest from NAMB

Editor’s note: Evangelical Dark Web has not done a DarkLinks since June. It was decided that this was the best format to explain this story because we wanted to give credit to people like Will Hall credit for their reporting while also providing our own commentary. The Alaska Baptist Resource Network has voted to divest […]

DarkLinks 41: Woke Religion

In this exciting edition of DarkLinks we dive into the mass mobilization of the Social Justice Gospel? Is this movement out of the closet? Is it time to consider them not just heretics but pagans as well? These are questions explored in this edition of DarkLinks. We start out with a small excerpt of a […]

DarkLinks 40: SBTS scandal & George Floyd

This edition of DarkLinks comes a little late, but the articles promoted are not particularly outdated by this time of publish. First, we start off with continued coverage of the scandal at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. We get the perspective of Capstone Report and Sam Jones weighs in on the dissertation written by Dr. Hernandez. […]

DarkLinks 39: The Gospel Coalition is not on your side with corona virus


In this edition of DarkLinks we explore The Gospel Coalition’s recent response to the church and corona virus. This is a bit of a followup from when we reported on Ed Stertzer in Christianity Today backtracking on the Chinese propaganda he was pushing in calling those who claim that the virus was made in a […]

DarkLinks 38: Al Mohler fires conservative professors at SBTS

It’s been a long while since the last DarkLinks. But the orthodox grassroots of evangelicalism is up in arms over the disgraceful actions taking place under Al Mohler at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. The choice firing of professors most opposed to the declining trajectory of the Southern Baptist Convention paired with he retention of SBTS’s […]

DarkLinks 37: False prophets and coronavirus

The Wuhan Coronavirus has exposed many false teachers in how they shut down their faith healing events so easily in light of the coronavirus. This has not stopped others, even these same people, from making ridiculous statements and false claims of prophesies in relation to coronavirus. This themed edition of DarkLinks tackles bad teaching on […]

DarkLinks 35: Progressive Christianity never sleeps

Progressive Christianity is never ceases to move of drive society back into pre-Christendom. The theme of this edition of DarkLinks is exposing much of this heretical blend of Christianity with paganism that begins with undermining Scripture. We begin with a small excerpt from a longer read out of Pulpit and Pen. It really dives into […]

DarkLinks 34: Frustrating setbacks within orthodox evangelicalism

I must lament some the frustration I have with certain things that are going on. Following great strides like a grassroots orthodox organization within the Southern Baptist Convention, the Conservative Baptist Network, it would be nice to capitalize on this strengthened organization, but alas, the theme of this edition of DarkLinks is one highlighting numerous […]

DarkLinks 33: Grassroots reactions to Conservative Baptist Network

Last week the Conservative Baptist Network was formed, sending shockwaves in the embattled Southern Baptist Convention prior to what is increasingly looking like a high contentious convention in Orlando this summer. This was just after the announcement of Hosanna Wong and other poor invite choices for the SBCPC, however this was not in response to […]