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Christianity Today Staffers Exposed For Extensive Democrat Donations

Compromise Today

It’s not a shock that Christianity Today is a liberal outlet staffed by liberals who thus support liberalism. However, for the Daily Wire to expose the extensive campaign contributions of Christianity Today staffers to a much larger audience than a discernment news site is significant. Megan Basham, a reliable reporter over at the Daily Wire […]

Street Preacher Arrested For Preaching Outside Of Drag Show With Kids

Last Saturday in Watertown, Wisconsin a Drag Show was performed where children were present as transvestite pedophiles embarked performed their fetish in front of them. A group of Christians protested the event which led to multiple arrests. 🚨BREAKING: Young man arrested for sharing the Bible on a public sidewalk Blatant violation of the 1st amendment […]

Greg Locke’s Repentance Includes Aligning With Benny Hinn

Last week, Evangelical Dark Web reported that Greg Locke publicly repented of being too political to the detriment of his witness and took actionable steps by deleting thousands of videos that amassed billions of views. It seemed strange as Locke said that he doesn’t disagree with what was in those videos. Nonetheless, Greg Locke has […]

SWBTS LEAK: Adam Greenway Took Out Staff Credit Cards Without Permission

Last September, Adam Greenway was fired from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. It was widely known the financial situation was bad, as Paige Patterson supporters stopped funding the seminary. But the situation was far worse and unbecoming than previously speculated. According to a leaked document obtained by Capstone Report, SWBTS was taking out credit cards on […]

Andy Stanley’s Church Baptizes Transvestite Woman

Our friends at Protestia have done an excellent job covering the embrace of homosexuality and transgenderism at Andy Stanley’s North Point Community Church. They recently uncovered a tragic tale of a church affirming transgenderism and homosexual marriage. A lesbian approaches two high ranking North Point pastors confiding her gender dysphoria. They counsel her in a […]

Evangelical Free Church Wants To Defrock Pastor For Not Being Woke. Pastor Speaks Out Jon Harris recently did an interview about a large but little talked about denomination, the Evangelical Free Church in America. Every denomination has had to confront Critical Race Theory in the last 5 years, and few institutions have stood strong against the Social Justice Gospel. Pastor Jeff Kliewer is a EFCA pastor of Cornerstone […]

Jon Harris: Chuck Smith Defeated The Jesus Revolution Jon Harris, the host of Conversations That Matter, just released his review of the Jesus Revolution movie. It was quite similar to my own review, but he had a take that was hotter than mine, so I wanted to give it more exploration. Jon Harris, in his thorough review of the lesson we should […]

Saddleback Church Affirms Homosexuality With Andy Stanley

Last year, Evangelical Dark Web exposed how Rick Warren’s replacement, Andy Wood was compromised on the issue of homosexuality, but apparently the most controversial church in the Southern Baptist Convention is also outside of the SBC’s views on homosexuality in a similarly brazen way. Andy Stanley has been under a microscope for his views on […]

Doug Wilson and Jared Moore Debate Concupiscence and Homosexuality Doug Wilson has been involved in a controversy surrounding his views on concupiscence as it relates to homosexuality. Pastor Jared Moore has called out Doug Wilson for having a view that essentially had some of the same adopted premises and application as Side B theology. Side B theology teaches homosexual orientation and that homosexual […]