Update: Another round in the hospital

It seems an unfortunate pattern that every time, I provide an update, things get worse right after. The most recent update is in an interview I have last week where I was rather optimistic. But complications emerged right after and it escalated into a hospital trip on Saturday night. My wife was having another kidney […]

Update: All is well. God is good.

Yesterday, I had sent out a prayer request for my family. I am amazed by the support my family received from this reader base. So I owe it to you to provide an update. It was confirmed to be a kidney stone attack, in which I can say I’ve seen granulated kidney stones. It seems […]

An urgent request for prayer

I don’t often get personal. It’s not about me, and I don’t want it to become that way. However flawed, I’ve always been of the mindset to keep to myself and rarely have prayer requests to offer for myself. After reaching out to family and church, it seemed necessary to ask here. Because more prayer, […]

April 2021 EDW Report

Every month, I like to provide an update on the progress being made and upcoming events. April was a rather uneventful month all things considered with regards to Big Eva. Most of April dealt with either political/ viral events, coverage of things that were not recent, or responding to articles with either concurring or dissenting […]

March 2021 EDW Report

Every month, I like to provide an update on the progress being made and upcoming events. I usually do not wait until the ninth day of the month to do so but I did not want to focus on myself around Easter, and this got superseded by other content and articles. March was a fantastic […]

February 2021 EDW Report

Every month, I like to provide an update on the progress being made and upcoming events. February, I believe was another step in the right direction. Ever since Google search began throttling Evangelical Dark Web, I’ve focused more on developing the existing traffic, to success. You readers, are what keeps this site going, as there […]

January 2021 EDW Report

Every month, I provide an update on how the last moth went, both for Evangelical Dark Web as a site and the movement to preserve the integrity of the gospel. January was certainly an action packed month, but not necessarily because of Big Eva. The system, which I define as the symbiotic relationship between Big […]

No Retreat 2021

I previously made reference to operating in 2021 with a yearly theme, and I have had this thought for some time now. I have seen very effective platforms set tone in 2020 with a yearly theme that turned out to be the right message at the right time. Steve Deace had the yearly theme of […]

December 2020 EDW Reported

As per tradition, I like to relay the progress of the prior month and announce what is coming up in the current month. December concludes the first full calendar year of Evangelical Dark Web operations. Unfortunately, it was a month marred by high highs and low lows. Search traffic dropped considerable and the hope is […]

Most Watched Videos of 2020

It is no secret that the Evangelical Dark Web has devoted a large amount of time into developing video content. I understand it may not be the preferred method of articulating a message for those who came for the written articles. However, YouTube is the most consistently growing social media platform. I have witnessed others […]