The quote above by Charles Spurgeon is how we define the spiritual gift of discernment, for even Satan knows the Word of God, how to twist and exploit our ignorance.

In this age of social media influencers and increased access to information and statements that people make, discernment resources haven’t kept up with changing times and new faces. For there are numerous other false teachers than Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyers. And if you are on this website, you probably already know they are false teachers. We cannot be afraid of only tackling whether or not televangelists are false teachers. Another thing we want to do differently than other discernment websites is rate the danger a specific teacher poses on a scale.

False Teacher Rating Scale

  1. A Category One is not necessarily a false teacher but someone who shows a trajectory of being one and is deserving of extra scrutiny. We do not necessarily have to avoid a Category One, but they are a person who
    1. Does not meet ministry standards
    2. Passively employs people who do not meet ministry standards
    3. Is a product of people or organizations that are false teachers or false teacher enablers but they themselves have not made errant statements
    4. Someone who has made a extremely errant statement but does not show a pattern
  2. A Category Two is someone who either:
    1. Fails to meet ministry standards in an egregious way
    2. Actively employs or associates with those who do are either false teachers or fall within a similar category.
    3. Someone who consistently makes theologically or biblically questionable statements
  3. A Category Three is characterized as someone who is ambiguous about their doctrinal beliefs as it relates to true and heretical, not between two sides of secondary or tertiary issues. This is someone who, for example, flip flops on whether the Bible is authoritative or flip flops on key proxy issues. Category Threes should be avoided.
  4. A Category Four is a false teacher or a heretic that has captured many believers in Christ. They preach an “almost true” gospel message at best, and stand to mislead many. This is a person who if not paying lip service to Christianity is preaching secular or pagan messages. This can also include individuals and organizations who are anti-biblical on proxy issues.
  5. A Category Five is a false teacher and a heretic that is so blatantly obvious that both they and their followers should be disavowed by the Church. They do not preach the real gospel.


Category Five

Joel Osteen

Paula White (White-Cain)

Joyce Meyer

Grant Hartley

Jory Micah

Category Four


Category Three

Beth Moore

Category Two

Andy Savage

Category One


If there is a person or organization you want Evangelical Dark Web to look into an add to the list, make a request here.