The quote above by Charles Spurgeon is how we define the spiritual gift of discernment, for even Satan knows the Word of God, how to twist and exploit our ignorance.

In this age of social media influencers and increased access to information and statements that people make, discernment resources haven’t kept up with changing times and new faces. For there are numerous other false teachers than Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyers. And if you are on this website, you probably already know they are false teachers. We cannot be afraid of only tackling whether or not televangelists are false teachers. Another thing we want to do differently than other discernment websites is rate the danger a specific teacher poses on a scale.

Exaplaination for the False Teacher Rating Scale

Theological Hierarchy of Primary issues

Category Five (Counterfeit)

John Pavlovitz

Michael Todd

Grant Hartley – Cru

Jory Micah

Steve Furtick

Beth Moore

Bill Johnson – NAR

Carl Lentz

William Lane Craig

Category Four (Wolf)

Brian Houston – Hillsong

Rachel Gilson – Cru

Craig Groeschel

Matt Chandler

Ravi Zacharias

Levi Lusko

Francis Chan

Tim Keller

Category Three (Highest Warning Not Necessarily A False Teacher)

Priscilla Shirer

Chris Hodges

Dharius Daniels

John Piper

Category Two (Moderate Concern)

John Mark Comer

Andy Savage

Category One (Mild Concern)

Trevin Wax (The Gospel Coalition)

If there is a person or organization you want Evangelical Dark Web to look into an add to the list, Request A Verdict

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