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Finding A Church

Abolishing Abortion

Political Activism

Finding Love

It is very difficult in these times for discerning Christians to find a biblical church that is not compromised to Social Justice or believes that Caesar is head of the church. We endorse Discerning Christians as a resource to help.

As Christians, we believe that abortion should be abolished and criminalized (for both mother and doctor). Other ministries have a greater specialization on this issues, but we are happy to support and point to these initiatives.

We believe we need a more discerning and shrewd applied public theology. We recommend joining local clubs.

With simp and e-thot culture, transgenderism, and a major masculinity crisis, the dating pool is not what it used to be. Finding a marriageable partner is as difficult as ever. We recommend a service called Dominion Dating (currently in beta phase). To learn more about this service, listen to our interview of their founder here.

Legal Help


Finding a Seminary

Supporters of Evangelical Dark Web get an a central hub of lawsuits of interest in Evangelicalism, as a benefit for their support.

Christians may find themselves in need of legal assistance. The most well known Christian legal advocacy firm is Alliance Defending Freedom. However they are weak on salient issues involving lockdowns. We also recommend Liberty Counsel for this purpose.

Evangelical Dark Web understands why many Christians want to seek Christian entertainment alternatives. Unfortunately the existing marketplace of Christian films and TV shows have mostly been undermined by the sensibilities of this same target audience. We believe that Christian entertainment must be quality enough to compete in a secular market. We also believe that quality storytelling can portray and describe sin without glorifying sin. 

We support and are exploring solutions to this problem. More to be announced eventually.

We recognize the difficulty in choosing a seminary that is both remote (so that you can continue being faithful to your local church and provide for your family), affordable, and uncompromised. Separate page coming but for now we’ll point you in the direction of Russell Fuller who has created something useful and disruptive to suit your needs.

COVID Vaccine Religious Exemption

We recommend this air tight exemption template which contains the strongest Scriptural arguments we’ve seen on this pressing issue. Religious Exemption Covid


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