The Loser Mentality of The Gospel Coalition


It’s not every day The Gospel Coalition writes something so blatantly antithetical to how Christians should conduct themselves with a headline so bluntly worded to that effect. Alas, the article titled, All Christians Are ‘Losers’ exemplifies the wrong mentality that The Gospel Coalition wants to promote onto the church. Chris Colquitt is the author. The […]

The Gospel Coalition unveils Marxist podcast series


It’s an open secret in the world of protestant Christianity that The Gospel Coalition is pushing the Social Justice Gospel. In-between writing puff pieces to sooth Christian consciences to vote for Joe Biden and slandering Kyle Rittenhouse, 2020 has been quite a revealing year for the publication. but how much more obvious can the facade […]

The Gospel Coalition slanders Kyle Rittenhouse


If there was an article that makes clear the decline of The Gospel Coalition, K. Edward Copeland ramble about why he hates the month of August is it in this post. The article appropriately titled “Why I Hate August” was published on Saturday in reaction to the Kenosha riots and Kyle Rittenhouse. Copeland begins with […]

DarkLinks 39: The Gospel Coalition is not on your side with corona virus


In this edition of DarkLinks we explore The Gospel Coalition’s recent response to the church and corona virus. This is a bit of a followup from when we reported on Ed Stertzer in Christianity Today backtracking on the Chinese propaganda he was pushing in calling those who claim that the virus was made in a […]

Canadian Gospel Coalition doesn’t want Americans reporting on Canadian pastors


The last two years have been fraught with pastors writing articles about how difficult their job in during these trying times, because any decision they make will divide their church, whether on Branch Covidianism, leftist politics, or sexuality. Additionally, The Gospel Coalition has been at the forefront of simping for tyrannical governments worldwide. James Seward, […]

The Reductive Christmas Christology of the Social Justice Gospel


Every year, so it seems, a group of people in Big Eva or apostate circles always use Christmas as an opportunity to advance a political agenda at the expense of the true meaning of Christmas. What may seem like mostly biblically true statements about Jesus are applied in a postmodern context to advance open borders […]

Christianity Today unopposed to Pete Buttigieg’s false gospel

Christianity Today has garnered a lot of scrutiny from people who were previously unaware that they have been co-opted by the world. But with Soros ties and a history of being a rented by figures like James McDonald to lambaste critics, Christianity Today has long been Christianity in-name-only, a disgrace to the late Billy Graham whose coattails they cling. In a […]

DarkLinks 19: Seminary professor fired for preaching the gospel

There is no barrel scrapping in this edition of DarkLinks. Perhaps this is our most jam-packed yet. This is a busy news week in Christendom, and a lot of stories just didn’t make the cut this time around. The story about the online snitch portal didn’t make the cut because we decided to respond to […]

DarkLinks 16: Social Justice Gospel’s ‘pronoun hospitality’

For defining the Social Justice Gospel.   SBC President Says He Would Use “Preferred Pronoun” For Transgender People, Calls It “Pronoun Hospitality” By Jeff Maples @ Reformation Charlotte During that same sermon, Greear called on Christians to stand up for LGBTQ rights. Now, he’s calling on Christians to incorporate something he calls “pronoun hospitality” for transgender […]

Mike Lindell, Francis Collins Win Big At First Ever Eva Awards In Evangelical Dark Web’s year end livestream, after a review of the top stories of 2021, there’s an award show portion that celebrates the highlights of the year. Mike Lindell set the record last night winning two awards. Biggest Hack and Biggest Scammer, for creating a social media platform for his fan club and […]