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SBC 2021 Presidential Race

Al Mohler

Big Eva’s Choice

Al Mohler is the candidate for the elites and status quo. He will accelerate the decline of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Mike Stone

The Conservative Baptist Network Candidate

Mike Stone is a prominent member of the Conservative Baptist Network and an effective minister in his local church. Mike Stone is poised to combat the rise of Critical Race Theory.

Ed Litton

The Overt Social Justice Warrior

Whereas Al Mohler is content to quietly fill the Southern Baptist Convention with cronies who are unwilling to defend the sufficiency of Scripture, Ed Litton is going all in on the Social Justice Gospel. There is only one problem for his candidacy: he’s white, which may deter his most likely supporters.

Randy Adams

2020’s Grassroots Candidate

In 2020, Randy Adams was the primary opponent of Al Mohler. Randy Adams is highly focused on reforming the Cooperative Program, which is rife with corruption. He has returned to finish what he started.


Replacing JD Greear with either Mike Stone or Randy Adams is the first step to enacting a 2nd Conservative Resurgence. Southern Baptists churches need to send messengers to make this outcome occur.