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Christian Nationalist W: Arizona Supreme Court Upholds 1864 Abortion Ban

In a much-needed victory for life, the Arizona Supreme Court upheld an 1864 ban on abortion that was subsequently elaborated upon through statutes around the time of Arizona’s statehood. The ruling allows a complete ban on abortion to take effect in the state of Arizona. According to Fox News: The law was never repealed, and […]

Trump Puts Out Pro-Abortion Statement Touting IVF, Exceptions

Donald Trump has not been running a right-wing campaign as compared to his 2016 campaign. Among the issues highlighting this fact are abortion and transgenderism. Yesterday, Donald Trump released a video statement attempting to reach a unifying consensus on the most divisive issue in politics: abortion. Trump congratulated Alabama for protecting IVF, a practice […]

Jeff Durbin: Abortion Is A Moral Issue, Not Biological

Jeff Durbin made an excellent point regarding abortion that many have not considered. It is often the strategy to convince the pro-abortion side of the biology of an unborn baby. But as Jeff Durbin points out, our society has a problem with biology, in a jest towards transgenderism. Even as our culture is confused on […]

Al Mohler Changes Position On Abortion Al Mohler has been around for a long time in the Southern Baptist Convention and has had a tremendous impact on how the SBC got to where it is today. For better or worse, Al Mohler has had many position changes in his career relating to liberalism, feminism, homosexuality, and a stated position on […]

William Lane Craig Argues Abortion ‘Confers Good’ On Murdered Babies

William Lane Craig is one of the most famous apologists for theism online. This is despite his rejection of an orthodox view of inerrancy, as Craig denies Genesis 1-11 as a historical narrative. Thus, we consider WLC to be a false teacher. In a recent appearance with Alex O’Connor, an atheist YouTuber, Craig attempted to […]

Study: Vast Majority Of Abortions Self-Performed

The Guttmacher Institute is the leading pro-abortion research firm and their latest report found that 63% of all abortions are now self-performed, a significant leap from 53% just three years prior. Self-performed abortions using pharmaceuticals murdered 642,700 babies in 2023. But the story gets even worse: The medication abortion counts for 2023 do not include self-managed […]

Southern Baptist Convention Makes Gun Control And Amnesty Legislative Priorities For 2024

The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention serves as a political lobbying arm of the SBC’s Cooperative Program. In theory, it is supposed to represent Southern Baptists’ political interests. In practice, it has capitulated on most issues of substance. It famously opposed pro-life legislation in Louisiana that sought to abolish abortion. In […]

Exposing How Mike Johnson Opposed A Pro-Life Bill

Mike Johnson’s ascendency to the Speakership over the House of Representatives came as an early victory for Christians and Conservatives, representing an immediate improvement over Kevin McCarthy and a victory for the “Gaetzful Eight.” Even the media ramped up the rhetoric against Johnson, deriding him as a Christian Nationalist. However, there were cracks found in […]

Babylon Bee’s Joel Berry Goes Full Redditard Arguing Against Punishing Baby Killers

With the campaign of Dusty Deevers, the pro-life debate could get a new life starting in the state of Oklahoma where Deevers is running to abolish abortion in the state. This, paired with Bart Barber lying about supporting a pro-life candidate has set off a debate. ProLife Industry: “Abortion is murder!” Abolitionists: “You’re right and […]

Caught! Bart Barber Donated To SBC Rival’s Liberal Political Opponent

The reproachful tenure continues for the liberal president of the Southern Baptist Convention, Bart Barber. Dusty Deevers, a prominent pastor in both the Southern Baptist Convention and the Christian Nationalist movement, ran for state senate in Oklahoma and won. Last week it was pointed out how Bart Barber was quoted in the oppo mailer of Deevers’ […]