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Pro-Life Industry Largely Supported Watering Down GOP Platform On Abortion

The Republican Party, helmed by Trump, is attempting to ramrod a functionally pro-abortion party platform. But rest assured, pro-life organizations will object to this change right? Well, not all. The Republican Party had a list of key organizers who defended the watered down party platform.   Meanwhile, feminist organizations like Students For Life have made […]

Trump VP Hopeful, JD Vance Comes Out In Support Of Majority Of Abortions

At the upcoming Republican National Convention, there is a movement to water down the party platform on abortion, spearheaded by its presidential nominee, Donald Trump. Senator JD Vance has been on the shortlist for Vice President and has widely been regarded by people on the right as the best option on the shortlist, as the […]

Ted Cruz Fights For IVF

As Christians are more boldly speaking out against invitro fertilization (IVF), Senator Ted Cruz out of Texas has come over the top rope to fight for a practice that that ends significantly more human life than it creates with a bill he’s filed in the Senate. Ted Cruz and fellow Republican Katie Britt of Alabama […]

Abolitionist Rising Responds To Trump Going Pro-Abortion Abolitionist Rising is the most viewed pro-life channel on all of YouTube having 16 million more views than Live Action. How did this happen? T. Russell Hunter from Abolitionist Rising came on Evangelical Dark Web to discuss the story, the current state of the abolitionist movement, and how Christians should navigate the Trump issue. […]

Jenna Ellis Attacks Steve Cruz For Biblical Position On Abortion

Jenna Ellis is famous for being a Trump election lawyer who parlayed political prestige into being the face of Grace Community Church’s lawsuit against California. Despite her ties to the MacArthur world, Jenna Eillis would take a feminist position on abortion to dunk on Christians who believe that abortion is actually murder. The story begins […]

Kari Lake Campaign Attacks Babylon Bee After Getting Roasted

It’s no surprise that the liberal White woman who loves drag shows is also pro-abortion. Kari Lake, after losing the Arizona gubernatorial race in 2022, is the presumptive nominee for Senate in 2024, running as the first lady of MAGA. And despite praising the Arizona law that prohibited abortion, Kari Lake joined Donald Trump in […]

Christian Nationalist W: Arizona Supreme Court Upholds 1864 Abortion Ban

In a much-needed victory for life, the Arizona Supreme Court upheld an 1864 ban on abortion that was subsequently elaborated upon through statutes around the time of Arizona’s statehood. The ruling allows a complete ban on abortion to take effect in the state of Arizona. According to Fox News: The law was never repealed, and […]

Trump Puts Out Pro-Abortion Statement Touting IVF, Exceptions

Donald Trump has not been running a right-wing campaign as compared to his 2016 campaign. Among the issues highlighting this fact are abortion and transgenderism. Yesterday, Donald Trump released a video statement attempting to reach a unifying consensus on the most divisive issue in politics: abortion. Trump congratulated Alabama for protecting IVF, a practice […]