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Ron DeSantis Defends Life, Wins 2nd Presidential Debate The 2nd Republican Presidential Primary debate featured all the personalities of the prior debate less Asa Hutchinson who is a discount Mike Pence. Donald Trump was absent yet became a target from nearly all the candidates for not showing up, among other things. Fox News hosted this debate and went woke in their questions, […]

Trump Attacks DeSantis For Signing Heartbeat Bill

In 2016, Donald Trump said that women who procure illegal abortions should face some sort of punishment. The pro-life industry attacked him. Ted Cruz attacked him, thus letting Trump get to the right of Cruz on this issue in the primary. That is a much different tone on the issue than the Donald Trump of […]

Virginia Democrat Produces Sex Videos While Campaigning

The Democrat Party might have reached a new low, at least while on the campaign trail. As Virginia has off year elections, the battle for the state legislature is underway in what could be a critical swing state in 2024. However, a recent scandal has made national headlines, as it was uncovered that Democrat candidate, […]

Max Miller Gets Lizzie Marbach Fired from Ohio Right to Life

Last week, Lizzie Marbach received the ire of freshman Representative Max Miller over a tweet rightfully claiming that “There’s no hope for any of us outside of having faith in Jesus Christ alone.” Miller, whose Jewish, believes he on account of ethnicity is the chosen people, when in fact the only thing about him that […]

Deborah Birx Promotes Pro Abortion AIDS Relief at Christianity Today

Compromise Today

Covid brought many vile characters within the government bureaucracy into the limelight. So-called public health experts that only occasionally became newsworthy figures became household names. Trump’s Covid task force included several of these dark figures, including Anthony Fauci, Robert Redfield, and Deborah Birx, who was most known for bedazzling her masks after previously dissuading their […]

Pastor Dusty Deever Announces State Senate Run In Oklahoma

Pastor Dusty Deevers was a vocal pastor fighting for orthodoxy at the 2023 Annual Southern Baptist Convention both running for the first vice president position and attempting to poison pill the liberal attempt to sabotage the Mike Law Amendment. Now the pastor has announce a run for office in the State Senate of Oklahoma. I […]

Seacoast Church Exposed: The Liberal Megachurch of Tim Scott, Nancy Mace Seacoast Church is the church of Rep. Nancy Mace who boasted about fornicating at the 13th Annual Southern Carolina Prayer Breakfast. It is also the church of the strangely unmarried Senator Tim Scott who is running for President of the United States. Tim Scott has had some success courting Evangelicals despite being a Black […]

Abolitionists Rising YouTube Channel Surpasses 100K Subscribers

It’s not every week that a Christian YouTube channel makes it to 100K without being a prominent pastor. As noted last week, Fighting For the Faith had 87.5K subs. However, Abolitionists Rising is capturing pro-life YouTube by storm by taking up the biblical position on abortion which the pro-life industry does not share with. Currently they […]

Benjamin Watson Claims Abortion is Systemic Racism. Is it really though?

In the realm of pro-life activism, there is no shortage of subverters to the cause of life. Many seek to infuse feminism as a means of absolving women of moral culpability to procuring the murder of their unborn child. Others seek to dilute the issue of life by making everything a “pro-life” issue. Then there […]

Brent Leatherwood: Mothers Who Take Abortion Pills Aren’t Murderers At the 2023 Annual Southern Baptist Convention, the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission gave their report which was an emotional affair laced with embellished contributions to legislative achievements whilst omitting the one policy they are on record for supporting: gun control in Tennessee. At the end of the report, Brent Leatherwood was asked a […]