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Pro-Life Feminism Lost Kansas Referendum

The liberal media is running away with with the demise of the Value Them Both Amendment to the Kansas Constitution which was a ballot measure in their primary election. However, this cannot be used to make sweeping generalizations about the popularity of Roe v Wade, as the ballot question was horrendously worded. 22. Regulation of […]

Big Eva Attacks Mainstream Pro-Life Position As Fringe Minority

Compromise Today Big Eva has repeatedly attacked the pro-life movement, claiming that it does not believe in punishing women for abortions. Elites would shift the Southern Baptist Convention towards adopting pro-life feminism instead of upholding the biblical standard of justice at the 2022 annual convention. However, despite the insistence of Denny Burk who came out as […]

The Plot Thickens With This Correction

In the interest of full transparency and accountability, I wanted to provide an update on a story we curated last week, in which the curated information has since proven inaccurate, albeit because what actually happened was even worse. But nonetheless the story of a 10 year old girl crossing state lines to get an abortion […]

Churchome Pastor Chelsea Smith Is Pro-Abortion Chelsea Smith is co-lead pastrix at Churhhome, a west coast megachurch very similar to Hillsong, that boasts celebrity attendees, most notably Justin Bieber. While it is not surprising that a church very similar to Hillsong NYC would also have a flaccid response to abortion, Chelsea Smith is strikingly bad and even weaker than Carl […]

DarkLinks: 10 Year Old Denied Abortion Story Debunked

Evangelical Dark Web regularly relies on its own newsgathering. However in the instance where we are heavily relying on other sources to the point where our reporting would not be original, we want to curate and give credit to those who broke a story particularly well. Evangelical Dark Web will also no longer be serializing […]

What David Platt Gets Right And Wrong About Abortion David Platt was at one point one in a group of young up and coming pastors who seemed as though they were going to shape the future of Evangelicalism. But the decline of David Platt due to wokeness, Branch Covidianism, and general mismanagement would prevent such a towering influence. Nonetheless, David Platt preached a […]

Christianity Today Claims Overturning Roe Hurt Pro-Life Movement In Blue States

Compromise Today

Big Eva’s response to the overturning of Roe v Wade is most accurately described as reserved and worrisome as opposed to the grassroots Evangelicals openly celebrating the overturn of the most unjust Supreme Court decision in American history. In similar fashion, Christianity Today, the home of Russell Moore, published an article by Emily Belz titled,¬†Reversing […]

Pride Month Ends In Butthurt For The Wicked

Without the martyrdom of St. George Floyd or the continued threat of Covid, Pride Month 2022 was set to be a major front of the Spiritual Warfare taking place in our society. With the passage of the Florida so-called “Don’t Say Gay” bill which aimed to curb groomer teachers, state level efforts to ban transgenderism […]

Making Abortion Unimaginable Is An Unbiblical Goal It seems counterintuitive for someone who is pro-life to argue that making abortion unimaginable or unnecessary is unbiblical. Yet we can never forget that words have meaning. Unimaginable denotes the inability to conceive of the idea. Unnecessary denotes that abortion is otherwise necessary. Unbiblical means having no basis in Scripture or truth. ¬† She […]