Rebecca McLaughlin, The Gospel Coalition, suck at being pro-life

TGC Feminism is the greatest cancer within the pro-life movement because it seeks to subvert the cause in order to promote a social welfare agenda. Rebecca McLaughlin, a Big Eva favored voice on the issue of homosexuality, wrote a feminist piece about the issue of abortion over at The Gospel Coalition titled, “To End the […]

America’s Three Deadly Sins

Over the last several decades, the idea of American exceptionalism has been eroded as the cultural Marxists have overtaken every institution. The creed GK Chesterton once described American being founded upon has been rejected by the cultural revolution. For the past century, Europe largely descended into the post-Christian and secular nations it remains today. Meanwhile […]

Why The Moral Majority Was A Success Too often conservatives are criticized for focusing too much on the next election as opposed to the next generation. This has certainly proven to be the case to where our culture is so entrenched in government, we believe that we need all these taxes and entitlement spending. Meanwhile the country has drifted to the […]

Why Christian Taliban is a powerless insult At the moment, the word Nazi is out of style in favor of comparing Christians to the Taliban following both their successful blitzkrieg reconquest of Afghanistan and the enactment of a heartbeat personhood bill into law in Texas. While  The Taliban were a worthy adversary Islam and Christendom have been at odds for several centuries on […]

“Pro-Life” Evangelicals For Biden immediately regrets their decision

The words “we told you so” are insufficient for the most prominent Biden “Christian” voters who have apparently regretted their decision very early into his reign. Back when I first heard about the Pro-Life Evangelicals For Biden, I would have thought this was a massive interference operation with perhaps less pederasty than the Lincoln Project. […]

Pagan ‘And Campaign’ growing rapidly

Social Justice is not justice, nor can it be married to morality in public policy. The fundamental premise to of the And Campaign is pagan, and it’s policy goals are therefore unbiblical.

Missouri becomes abortion free

I have often articulated that the best way to end of abortion to outlaw and criminalized. However barring such drastic and necessary legislation, the best way to reduce abortion is to attack the supply. One popular myth is that blue states have lower abortion rates because Democrat policies result in lower demand for abortion. This […]

Is Carl Lentz a false teacher?

Category 5 Verdict: Carl Lentz is both unqualified and an obvious false teacher. Preface Part of how this Discernment ministry operates is taking in reader questions about prevalent teachers. There were multiple requests to investigate Carl Lentz, and due to him leading the field of requests, this investigation into his teachings was undergone. You can […]

Why states should defy Roe in one Bible verse

One of the forgotten doctrines of Christianity is the Doctrine of Lesser Magistrates. While it can most certainly be said that verses in Genesis create a foundation for this doctrine via the establishment of differing jurisdictions of earthly authority (Genesis 3), in Exodus 1 we see the first instance of this doctrine applied. In brief […]

The Democrat Party is Irredeemably Evil

In this election season, it has become very apparent that the Democrat Party is an instrument of wickedness and has no redeeming value. This is a bold statement, one that logically leads to the requirement that Matthew 18 ultimately be acted on just as it needs to be for those who are going woke. But […]