Daniel Darling “Glad To See” Abortion Go Unpunished

Daniel Darling has been a Big Eva player for a while. Not only did he pimp the unsafe and ineffective Covid jabs, he’s also not actually pro-life. This was evident when he celebrated Ketanji Brown-Jackson’s confirmation to the Supreme Court. But it’s furthermore evident when he celebrated seeing that the Virginia Attorney General would not […]

Pro-Life Activist Mark Houck Acquitted By Jury, Hands Merrick Garland Massive L

Pro-Life activist Mark Houck was violently arrested by federal agents at his house on charges of violating the FACE Act, our nation’s federal protection for abortion mills. Houck faced upwards of 11 years in prison and a $350K fine over the October incident in which he was alleged to have had an altercation at an […]

Biden Administration Goes All In For Abortion

https://youtu.be/Qm6Gb4pUvWg The Biden Administration finalized a rule making permanent an abortion policy they used Branch Covidianism to implement. Under emergency authorization the abortion weapon, mifepristone, was allowed to be prescribed via telehealth services. With the emergency no longer politically expedient, the Democrat administration looks to make the temporary policy enacted in 2021 permenant. Evangelical Dark […]

How Feminism and Abortion Impacted Midterm Elections

One of the most pervasive ideologies threatening the church is Feminism. From its tree bears the heretical fruits of Side B Theology, Critical Race Theory, and the egalitarian encroachment at the pulpit. Whether outward or internalized, Feminism drives all three. Throughout 2022, we have reported on the demonic nature of the College Educated Female Voter […]

Loor TV Unveils ‘The Procedure’ An Abortion Horror Story

Loor TV is a streaming platform start-up intended to create good Christian storytelling content. Among their creators is a former Pixar animator who has made pro-life animated videos. On Halloween, Loor TV dropped a horror story that is based on a true story, a story of an ultrasound technician unsuspectingly being thrown into the middle […]

Frauds: LifeNews Opposes Equal Rights Protection For The Unborn

https://youtu.be/tmCqgBraSM0 It’s not a shock that the vast majority of the pro-life movement opposes a biblical position on abortion, even when led by professing Christians, like the ERLC. LifeNews is no exception to this trend. Claiming Christ, Steven Ertelt is the editor of LifeNews, not to be confused with LifeSite News. Yet earlier this year, […]

Eric Swalwell’s Abortion Ad Was Accidentally Based

https://youtu.be/tmCqgBraSM0 Eric Swalwell is someone with a lot of money to spend on his easy reelection campaign, so he spent that money on an ad meant to stoke fear that criminalizing abortion would lead to women getting arrested for abortions. MAGA Republicans want women arrested for having an abortion. This is what that looks like. […]

Darrell Brooks Makes Defense Of Abortion While On Trial For Murder

https://youtu.be/wj00gBeSvz4 The Waukesha Christmas parade attack occurred during the aftermath of the Kyle Rittenhouse acquittal, in which six people were killed by a vehicle that drove through a crowd of people. Darrell Brooks is charged with committing these murders and a litany of other crimes. Brooks has chosen to represent himself which has made for an […]

Bart Barber Goes Blue Anon For 60 Minutes

https://youtu.be/wZGq5NIcytQ Bart Barber’s recent appearance on CBS’s 60 Minutes was a PR circuit to rehab the Southern Baptist Convention’s self-imposed brand as a hive of sex abuse cover-up in light of the Sex Abuse Task Force Report which did not uncover previously unknown instance of sex abuse cover-ups. The only major revelation from the report were […]

Herschel Walker’s October Surprise

It is that time of the election cycle, where random scandals, often solicitous in nature, arise in the leadup to election day. It is a tradition unlike any other that uniquely exposes the rot within politicians and subsequent corruption of the media. In 2016, it was Trumps audacious claim of grabbing women. Though it was […]