Adam Greenway Meltdowns Over Enemies Within The Church Documentary The long awaited Enemies Within The Church documentary has finally come out, and the first major Big Eva acknowledgement or “backlash” against the film post-release is Adam Greenway trying to suppress a premiere viewing at a competing seminary. Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary is one of the few uncompromised seminaries left, and they exist as […]

Ed Litton Defends Liberal Resurgence of SBC The president of the Southern Baptist Convention went to Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary to have a public conversation with its president, Adam Greenway. Through the technical difficulties they managed to address salient topics such as Ed Litton’s sermongate scandal, Litton’s breakdown of the Annual Southern Baptist Convention of 2021, and Ed Litton’s thoughts on […]

Al Mohler pretends to declare Critical Race Theory incompatible with Scripture

Big Eva is certainly on the defensive trying to cover up its own industry wide acceptance of Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality. This is too much of the credit of online activism of grassroots Evangelicals who are forcing them to address these topics. This week, the seminary presidents of the Southern Baptist Convention got together […]

Evidence: SWBTS, Randy Stinson, lied about termination of Robert Lopez

Anticipating the termination at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Dr. Robert Oscar Lopez claimed that he was being terminated for publishing historically orthodox views on sexuality and sex abuse. This public statement made the rounds on social media and Evangelical Dark Web publications such as Capstone Report broke the story. After the story gained much traction […]