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John MacArthur Responds To Alistair Begg Gay Wedding Controversy. But Is He A Hypocrite? After disinviting Alistair Begg from the Shepherds Conference, John MacArthur was asked in a recent Q&A to respond to the Alistair Begg controversy from a true Scotsman. John MacArthur gave a sound rebuke of Begg’s counsel, but there’s more to the story than just that. When Evangelical Dark Web broke the story of Alistair […]

How David and Absalom Relates to Gay Weddings

How should parents treat their children whose sins have estranged themselves from the family? In the fallout of Alistair Begg’s disgraceful stance, one story comes to mind with intrafamilial sins: the story of David and Absalom. With the question of how to deal with gay family members, there is much wisdom that can be gleaned […]

CrossWalk Encrouages Christians To Attend Gay Weddings And Baby Showers

Last month we sparked a conversation about Christians attending gay weddings which should be a no-brainer for Christians opposing these events. Yet many have encouraged compromise on this topic including Crosswalk, a Christian media outlet owned by Salem Media. But they not only encourage Christians to attend gay weddings, they even encourage Christians to attend […]

January 2024 EDW Report

January was the biggest month ever for Evangelical Dark Web. The continued momentum and growth of the site drove this. And then we broke the Alistair Begg story. I must say how we were surprised just how much this story blew up. We knew it was big, but this story reached even liberal Christian outlets […]

Alistair Begg Timidly Canceled From Shepherds Conference

On Monday, I wrote about how unlikely it would be for the Shepherds Conference to cancel Alistair Begg over his comments on homosexual weddings. This has apparently aged poorly as two things have changed. The first is the sermon by Begg attacked American Evangelicalism, thus making the situation worse. The second was that the article […]

Breaking: Ligonier’s RefNet Cancels Alistair Begg

In the fallout of Alistair Begg’s horrendous advice to the grandmother, American Family Radio was the first to drop him, doing so publicly during his timeslot last week. Evidently, they were not the only distributor to drop Begg over his comments. Ligonier Ministries operates an internet radio network called Reformation Network, or RefNet for short. […]

Alistair Begg Refuses To Repent, Attacks American Evangelicals In Awful Sermon You may think that the reaction to Alistair Begg’s compromise on gay weddings was too harsh, but actually, it has not been harsh enough. Whatever reputational credibility Begg stored up in his decades of ministry, he threw away in a recent sermon where he refused to repent and attacked those who called him out. […]

Will Alistair Begg Get Canceled From ShepCon? The cancelation of Alistair Begg from American Family Radio was a significant development stemming from Begg’s support for going to a homosexual wedding. It marked a surprising stand by a Christian institution against the theological error of a major figure on a major issue of our day. Is this the beginning of a ripple […]

Alistair Begg Doubles Down, Gets Canceled By American Family Radio

Ever since the bombshell story Evangelical Dark Web broke about Alistair Begg encouraging a grandmother to attend a gay wedding, the fallout has been seen across the Evangelical world, garnering attention from Steve Deace, Ed Stetzer, Jon Harris, James White, Owen Strachan, Samuel Sey, and others. Evidently, this story does not have a happy ending, […]

Samuel Sey vs. Andrew Iskar: Alistair Begg and Decades of Faithful Ministry Last week, Evangelical Dark Web broke the story highlighting the September 2023 comments by Alistair Begg advising that a grandmother should attend a gay wedding and give a gift. Within days, this became the prevailing discussion in the online evangelical world, as the comments received reactions from Steve Deace, Owen Strachan, and many allied […]