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Why the Alliance of American Football failed

The Alliance of American Football premiered with an seemingly A team level of management that came with many answers; venture backed funding from the excellence of Peter Thiel, among others; mounting distaste for the NFL, its integrity, Roger Goodell, and off /on field controversies. Yet the Alliance of American Football league faltered within months of […]

AAF suspends football operations, demise immanent

The Alliance of American Football debuted after the Superbowl and beat out the NBA in ratings. The start featured many aspects of what the NFL should have already been doing with regards to transparency in officiating. Several weeks ago Tom Dundon became majority owner of the AAF after investing $250 million into the league. It […]

Revisiting: The AAF is the NFL’s Newest Worry

I want to revisit an article I wrote for NOQ Report back in March. At this time two football leagues have announced their formation. The XFL and the AAF. In the article I compared the two. Ultimately I concluded that the AAF had a more formidable strategy to carve a space in the football market. The reasons […]