Watch: Anti-Paulism Debunked by Scripture

Anti-Paulism is a common heresy among liberal protestants, but the Bible debunks this heresy long before liberal protestantism was invented. False teachers like Jory Micah and John Pavlovitz are a couple major false teachers who promote this viewpoint. John Pavlovitz is better known as the anti-Trump pastor. The key passage in the video is 2 Peter 3:14-18. The NASB […]

2 Peter 3 debunks Anti-Paulism

Many false teachers, particularly of the Social Justice Gospel, have a problem with the Apostle Paul because he wrote some things they do not like or agree with. Anti-Paulism is a heresy that denies the God-breathed words of Paul’s Epistles in the New Testament. False teachers like Jory Micah frequently deny the authority of scripture […]