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Pastor Artur Pawlowski Wins Appeal Against Canadian Government

Last year, Artur Pawlowski made international news for being a pastor persecuted by the Canadian government for hosting worship during Holy Week. He has since faced repeated arrests,┬ájail, and heavy fines for daring to worship amidst the Canadian government’s crackdown on religious worship. But now Artur Pawlowski is not only free but vindicated upon appeal. […]

Artur Pawlowski jailed. More Canadian churches forced underground.

The persecution of the church has revamped in the west, most notoriously in Canada. These nations watch as places like Florida in the United States and Belarus in Europe are wide open and are not smoldering piles of ash. At no point were the lockdowns about public health. They were always about public policy. And […]

Artur Pawlowski kicks Canadian Gastopo out of church again!

Pastor Artur Pawlowski of Cave of Adullam Church in Alberta, Canada went viral around Easter when he drove out the Canadian Gestapo from his church back around Holy Week. He insisted they come back with a warrant. It would turn out that they did indeed return with papers, but Artur Pawlowski found a clerical error […]