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National Review Calls On Asa Hutchinson To Drop Out

National Review, if you were to review their history, has always been an organization designed to suppress right wing thought, dating back to William F Buckley’s adherence to the government narrative surrounding the JFK Assassination. Asa Hutchinson represents the exact type of candidate exemplified by National Review. He’s non threatening. He believes transing kids is […]

Tucker Carlson Destroys Mike Pence, Asa Hutchinson Campaigns Earlier this week, we reported that Donald Trump was skipping the Family Leadership Summit in Iowa. Six presidential rivals showed up and had varying degrees of success and a lot of fireworks. Tucker Carlson in his first televised event since Fox News was tapped to do the interviews at the Family Leadership Summit which […]

Groomer Governor Asa Hutchinson Announces Run For President

There will be many candidates for President in 2024. The latest pitiful longshot to enter the race against Donald Trump for the Republican nominee was Asa Hutchinson. Hutchinson was termed out as governor of Arkansas, so in all likelihood he might have nothing better to do. In doing so he took shots at Donald Trump […]

Arkansas becomes first state to ban transgendering children

It was a victory for protecting children from being groomed into becoming transvestites that was not helped by the governor. Yesterday, the Arkansas state legislature swiftly voted to override Governor Asa Hutchinson’s veto on the SAFE Act, HB1570. It only takes a simple majority to override a veto in Arkansas and the legislature handily exceeded […]

After proclaiming Christ, Gov. Asa Hutchison supports transgenderism

There are no shortage of Republicans that talk a big game and betray their base. However, it is a little more unique when a Republican professes Christianity but then overtly governs like a pagan. In 2015, Mike Pence, as governor of Indiana caved to the woke mob over RFRA. Later in the 2015 Presidential debates, […]