BNG Attacks Tom Ascol, Tom Buck, and Megan Basham After breaking the initial story about David Sills filing a defamation lawsuit against the SBC, prominent figures, and Guidepost, Baptist News Global did not wait long to write a hit piece against supportive voices of the lawsuit, namely Tom Ascol, Tom Buck, and Megan Basham. The first two are prominent pastors in the SBC […]

Baptist News Recklessly Reports Adam Greenway Resigned From SWBTS

In Christian news gathering, it is especially important not to report unverified rumors because this is gossip. Yet for the last forty-eight hours, SBC twitter world was enamored with Adam Greenway’s resignation from being president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Only this has remained only a rumor. On Gab, I made clear that Evangelical Dark […]

Baptist News Global Has Gay Writer Who Wants Christians To Fund Gay Sex Drugs

There is no shortage of compromised news gathering ministries in Christianity. One of the larger ones is Baptist News Global. Baptist News Global was the same publication willing to publish context free excerpts and characterizations of Jennifer Buck’s rough draft of an essay, the impetus for the Karengate Scandal in the Southern Baptist Convention. Evidently, […]