Bart Barber Doubles Down On Hiring Pro-Grooming Law Firm

Earlier this week, the Southern Baptist Convention announced its intentions to hire Guidepost Solutions to build a website to record and database “credibly accused” sex abusers. This included a proposed estimate upwards of $2 million dollars for a website. The decision has predictably come under fire, even from Willy Rice, as the Guidepost is largely […]

SBC Wants To Pay Pro-Homosexual Law Firm $2 Million To Build Slander Website

The Southern Baptist Convention announced that the Abuse Reform Implementation Task Force recommends that Guidepost Solutions build their database website of pastors “credibly accused” of sex abuse. Guidepost Solutions is a the pro-grooming lawfirm that the Southern Baptist Convention contracted to investigate sex abuse and sex abuse coverups. They revealed no unknown instances of sex […]

Johnny Hunt Restored To Ministry After Being Accused Of Sexual Assault

Johnny Hunt was once the president of the Southern Baptist Convention. Then he was figuratively put out to pasture after the Guidepost Sex Abuse Task Force Report accused him of sexual assault with another pastor’s wife who was complicit in the coverup. Johnny Hunt has denied committing any sort of sexual assault but said that his […]

David Sills Sues Southern Baptist Convention For Defamation

For the past few years, the Southern Baptist Convention has contended that David Sills is a sex abuser and Jennifer Lyell was a victim. While the Southern Baptist Convention would go on to pay in a defamation suit brought by Jennifer Lyell over one million dollars, nothing of her retconned claims have been remotely close […]

Bart Barber Goes Blue Anon For 60 Minutes Bart Barber’s recent appearance on CBS’s 60 Minutes was a PR circuit to rehab the Southern Baptist Convention’s self-imposed brand as a hive of sex abuse cover-up in light of the Sex Abuse Task Force Report which did not uncover previously unknown instance of sex abuse cover-ups. The only major revelation from the report were […]

Bart Barber To Appear on 60 Minutes

Perhaps it’s a slow news week. Nonetheless, Bart Barber is set to appear on 60 Minutes to be a witness for the Southern Baptist Convention. Per CBS, the interview between Bart Barber and Anderson Cooper will largely focus on the “sex abuse” scandal in the SBC. “As the Southern Baptist Convention finds itself at the […]

Good Thing The Hebrew Midwives Didn’t Think Like Bart Barber

In the aftermath of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission’s decision to make Brent Leatherwood the official president of the organization, pro-life Christians lambasted the decision for Leatherwood’s past celebration of Ketanji Brown-Jacksons SCOTUS confirmation and opposition to pro-life legislation in Louisiana. Bart Barber went on the offensive attacking Dusty Deevers, calling his opposition the […]

What’s the real reason the DOJ is investigating the Southern Baptist Convention? In a Friday news dump, the Southern Baptist Convention announced it was being investigated by the Department of Justice. This came in the same week that the FBI raided Trump’s residence. However, the Southern Baptist Convention is suspiciously eager to fall on the grenade of sex abuse. The Sex Abuse Task Force Report failed […]

SBC Unveils Woke Abuse Reform Implementation Task Force On July 8th, the SBC published the names to its Abuse Reform Implementation Task Force, which was authorized by the SBC messengers at the 2022 convention in Anaheim via Resolution 6, where the collective SBC affirmed the “abuse status” of Jennifer Lyell and rehashed old claims under the misguided premise that there is systemic […]

Evaluating The Evangelical Dark Web SBC22 Predicitions

The Evangelical Dark Web published a slate of predictions ahead of the Annual Southern Baptist Convention. It’s time to break down how they went and why the outcome was what it was. 0-1 Voddie Baucham President of the PC Voddie Baucham narrowly lost his bid to be president of the Pastors Conference. This would end […]