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Texas Baptists Delay Enforcing Female Pastor Ban

Multiple state conventions are going on for Southern Baptists. Some with promising news, others not so much. But in Texas, Southern Baptists in the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention (SBTC) took steps to delay the enforcement of a motion to interpret churches with female pastors of any kind as not in friendly cooperation with the […]

Bart Barber Continues To Lie Over DonateGate Bart Barber’s latest scandal resulted from his pettiness to donate to a liberal in order to oppose a Southern Baptist rival. Thus we are calling it DonateGate. The lies of Bart Barber continue. For a recap, Bart Barber said as president of the Southern Baptist Convention, he does not endorse candidates, yet made a […]

Caught! Bart Barber Donated To SBC Rival’s Liberal Political Opponent

The reproachful tenure continues for the liberal president of the Southern Baptist Convention, Bart Barber. Dusty Deevers, a prominent pastor in both the Southern Baptist Convention and the Christian Nationalist movement, ran for state senate in Oklahoma and won.┬áLast week it was pointed out how Bart Barber was quoted in the oppo mailer of Deevers’ […]

Statutes of Limitations Are Good Actually

The concept of a statute of limitations has roots in ancient legal systems and has evolved over time in various societies. Its origins can be traced back to Roman law. The Roman legal system had a similar idea known as “tempus regit actum,” which translates to “time rules the act.” This concept limited the time […]

Bart Barber’s Incompetency Shines In Kentucky Amicus Brief Scandal The Presidency of Bart Barber at the Southern Baptist Convention has been characterized by incompetence, defamation, and lawsuits. The Southern Baptist Convention, and Bart Barber, personally, are involved in several lawsuits related to defamation or the SBC’s invitation of sex abuse lawsuits made when they commissioned and published the Guidepost Report. Bart Barber was […]

Bart Barber Reportedly Claimed Leading Christian Nationalists Unchurched

Last month we reported that Bart Barber was whoring himself to the liberal media specifically to attack Christians. The specifics of that were based on his participation in the Texas Tribune Festival which occurred last week. This is the same conference that has David French interviewing Russell Moore in a gay church. Bart Barber, prez […]

Court Ruling: SBC Loses Autonomy Argument Because Of Bart Barber

The Southern Baptist Convention has a flurry of lawsuits threatening its financial stability. This resulted in the announcements of layoffs last week to the Executive Committee staff. This week, a devastating blow came to the legal defense of the SBC and its affiliated churches when a South Carolina court denied the motion to dismiss in […]

Bart Barber Appoints Liberal Committee To Protect Female Pastors In SBC At the Annual Southern Baptist Convention of 2023, the Southern Baptist messengers passed an amendment to add a provision to the SBC constitution a clause about churches with female pastors being not in friendly cooperation with the Southern Baptist Convention, in what was known as the Mike Law Amendment. However these same messengers also […]

Bart Barber Whores Himself To Liberal Media After a 60 Minutes News appearance in which Bart Barber peddled the Blue Anon narrative surrounding January 6, he will have another major appearance in liberal media spaces. In October 2022, Bart Barber told CBS that he believed Donald Trump put Mike Pence’s life in danger. Perhaps this qualified him to appear at the […]

SBC Prepares Race Narrative Over Black Churches and Female Pastors The major accomplishment over the passage of the Mike Law Amendment which would specify in the Southern Baptist Convention constitution that churches with female pastors would not be in friendly cooperation with the SBC is going to be a heated battle as after passing in 2023, it will need to be ratified in 2024.┬áBut […]