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Mark Levin Praises John Hagee For Defending Anti-Christian Antisemitism Bill

Last week, House Speaker Mike Johnson led the charge in passing the Antisemitism Awareness Act which will codify a woke organization’s definition of antisemitism to be used by the Department of Education. The bill has divided Conservative Inc. as even Ben Shapiro has come out saying that the bill goes too far. Yet Mark Levin […]

Candace Owens Fired From Daily Wire Despite Jeremy Boreing’s Assurances

Friday morning began with a blast as Jeremy Boreing announced that the Daily Wire and Candace Owens have parted ways in a premature end to their contractual relationship. Candace Owens is a top 10 conservative media personality, but she has had a publicly rocky relationship with the Daily Wire over issues relating to Zionism. This […]

Discerning Candace Owens vs Ben Shapiro The civil war that has been brewing at The Daily Wire for some time erupted this week when a video of Ben Shapiro publicly denouncing Candace Owens went viral. Candace Owens has been skeptical of Zionism hence her past affinity for Kanye West. Nevertheless, her current sympathies with the Palestinian cause have run her […]

Voddie Baucham Discusses Manosphere On Ben Shapiro Sunday Special The Ben Shapiro Sunday Special has been the premiere interviews of Ben Shapiro who has had numerous high profile guests on over the years. Voddie Baucham joined Ben Shapiro to discuss Social Justice and the so-called “Manosphere.” This comes at an interesting time as Candace Owens, also on the Daily Wire, gave Andrew Tate […]

The Daily Wire and Unethical Business Models The public beef between Steven Crowder and Conservative Inc. got even hotter when the Daily Wire’s Jeremy Boreing made a response video to Crowder’s initial plea. In his response, Boreing explained the fiduciary concerns of the Daily Wire before stating that Steven Crowder was not a self-made man, despite having a near 6 million […]

Steven Crowder Calls Out Conservative Inc. Last month, it was announced that Steven Crowder was leaving Blaze Media and would become a free agent going into 2023. Naturally, this was over money which we speculated the nature of the revenue Crowder brought in for The Blaze being upwards of $30 million of which he probably sought a bigger slice. 17 […]

Ben Shapiro Christianity vs Kanye West Christianity Earlier this week, Ben Shapiro claimed that Big Pharma lied about the effectiveness of the Covid jabs against transmission, in a monologue about how the lies of trusted institutions has eroded public trust. Meanwhile, Kanye West has been canceled for saying Jews control the media, along with espousing some sort of Black Hebrew Israelite […]

Focus on the Family: Godless Speakers at SeeLife Livestream

Previously, it has been discussed that Christians should refuse funding for Jim Daly’s Focus on the Family due to Daly’s temporary implementation of a poisonous jab mandate. At the time, we here reflected that Daly had everything to gain by standing firm, especially as corporate America was putting the brakes on their mandate policies in […]