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The Gospel Coalition Goes Woke On Abortion With Benjamin Watson

It’s been a bad month for The Gospel Coalition. Last week we exposed there rationalization of Andy Stanley’s false teaching, as though it were paved with good intentions. On Friday, The Gospel Coalition would publish an article reveling in idolatry for Taylor Swift, rationalizing it as pointing to Christ. They would promptly remove the article […]

Benjamin Watson Joins Woke Chorus Calling Florida Curriculum Racist

Kamala Harris set off a firestorm earlier this week when she traveled to Florida to call the new curriculum regarding black history in America racist. This sentiment has been echoed by Byron Donalds a Republican from Florida and Tim Scott. Conservatives have rallied around the new curriculum as Kamala Harris wants to paint the picture […]

Benjamin Watson Claims Abortion is Systemic Racism. Is it really though?

In the realm of pro-life activism, there is no shortage of subverters to the cause of life. Many seek to infuse feminism as a means of absolving women of moral culpability to procuring the murder of their unborn child. Others seek to dilute the issue of life by making everything a “pro-life” issue. Then there […]

Refuting Benjamin Watson’s Definition of Woke

There are a number of celebrity activists platformed by Big Eva as Christian athletes, and few are more prominent than Benjamin Watson, former NFL tight end who has been championed in the pro-life movement for several years. Unsurprisingly, Watson’s activism against abortion aligns with the Big Eva mindset of employing social programs to make abortion […]

And Campaign advocates lite version of Equality Act

The apostate public policy organization is on a massive growth trajectory, during my last reporting on them. The And Campaign seeks to advocate Social Justice under the guise of Christianity. One of their most prominent policy proposals is called the Fairness For All Act. This is viewed as a compromise that validates religious voices in […]