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Beth Moore To Preach At Duke Chapel

Beth Moore’s exit from the Southern Baptist Convention was seen by many as a full embrace of egalitarian feminism. However, she has kept a much lower profile for the last two and a half years. Perhaps the demand was lower since her Living Proof Ministries operated in the red. Alternatively, her entrance into a patriarchal […]

Beth Moore Struggle Session At SBC23 The most uniform message of the Southern Baptist Convention was that those who see problems are themselves the problems. This was evident with Bart Barber’s address/sermon, Willie McLaurin’s report/sermon, and Todd Unzicker’s convention pep talk. But hits regime mentality was present among those who held the platform. The LifeWay report was perhaps one of […]

Beth Moore Goes Full Robin DiAngelo, Calling White Men Racist

A recently surface video from the “Racism In The White Church” conference shows Beth Moore going full Robin DiAngelo trying to convince white people how racist they are. Woke Preacher Clips unveiled a video in which Beth Moore describes a white friend of hers who wants to be an ally, who swears he’s not a […]

Russell Moore Switched Teams, Sides with Rick Warren, Beth Moore on Female Pastors

One of the major stories throughout the first quarter of 2023 is the SBC’s debate on the biblical doctrine of an exclusively male pastorate. Because they finally disfellowshipped Rick Warren over his ordination of women as pastors, the banners have been called from all over Big Eva to rally to his defense, decrying the Executive […]

Tucker Carlson Calls Out Tim Keller, David French, and Beth Moore In Spiritual Warfare it’s nice to have some air support, and in this case, air support is in reference to air time at the only culturally significant hour of Fox News, Tucker Carlson. On yesterday’s show, Tucker Carson stood up for Canadian Christians getting arrested for opposing grooming and furthermore took aim at prominent […]

Beth Moore’s Advice To Women Surprisingly Based God once spoke through an ass, and as it would turn out a false teacher like Beth Moore would accidentally make an incredibly based statement on Twitter that is a repudiation of her entire ministry. Feminism is, in my opinion, is a bigger issue in the church right now than Critical Race Theory, yet […]

Beth Moore, Jemar Tisby Headline Anti-White Conference Baylor University has long been an apostate university. Last year they held the Racism In The White Church conference which featured the heretic author, Kristen Du Mez. In February, 2023, Baylor will be hosting it’s second of three conferences meant to promote anti-white racism in the church. This year Beth Moore and Jemar Tiby […]

Simpin’ Ain’t Easy: Beth Moore Accidentally Blocks Male Supporter.

Nothing is more cringe than a male feminist. And in the Evangelical Twittersphere which many pastors believe is real life, there are quite a few, which is why Beth Moore and Karen Swallow Prior have far greater reach then a Tom Ascol. So when someone simps for Beth Moore and inadvertently gets blocked, showing just […]

Beth Moore Memoir To Regale Us With Twitter Stories

Beth Moore is publishing another book. This one a memoir. The feminist Roys Report of Julie Roys published a piece promoting the upcoming book, to be published by Tyndale. The article give incite to a main emphasis of the book which will include the financial collapse of Beth Moore’s ministry. Discernment ministries successfully exposed Beth […]

Beth Moore still butthurt over MacArthur’s “Go home” comment The butthurt is still strong in Beth Moore years after John MacArthur’s famous “go home” one liner. The pithy answer to a word association game upset the feminists in the church Beth Moore was then defended by most major players in Big Eva. Since the event, Beth Moore has since left the SBC and […]