Jeremiah 6:23 and gun control

This is in continuation of my reflections on my reading of Jeremiah, a book God has put on my heart to read. And there was a verse that stood out as very relevant to today’s political climate. Granted, its relevant in that America is a fallen culture that worsens daily, so it seems. Jeremiah 6:23, […]

Jeremiah 1: Created and called with a purpose

It’s been on my heart lately to read through the book of Jeremiah, an Old Testament prophet who proclaimed God’s message to a people who rejected God. I wanted to share my thoughts on chapter one that I have when reading it days ago. The key passage that strikes me was verse 1 through 8. […]

Pentecost Part 1: An Organic Event

The Book of Acts chapter 1 is like the first episode of a new season on a TV show you love. It has flashbacks and a set up for something major to come. The first Christians are instructed to stay in Jerusalem for the Holy Spirit. The disciples gather and take inventory of who is […]

NOQReport Why every Christian should study apologetics

JD Rucker, a colleague of mine over at NOQReport, created this video explaining the importance of apologetics for the walk of every Christian. As Christians, this is our calling as shown in the verse provided below. The importance of apologetics is not to take away from the importance of advancing our understanding of scripture or […]