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Stampeding People Is Manslaughter And Should Be Punished By Law

Often times crime is one person with many victims. It is exceedingly rare for a crime to be committed by the many against the few. In South Korea, a couple of weeks ago, a massive stampede for a Halloween celebration resulted in the death of 154 people. To this day, there is no official cause […]

Beth Moore preached ‘happiness’ at Social Justice church

The Southern Baptist Convention went to great lengths to preserve complementarianism. This meant that many egalitarians had to leave. Many of them formed the apostate Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. However, part of the mission of Evangelical Dark Web is to raise our decentralized banners to contend for the faith in this generation’s fight. Beth Moore stands […]

Is Social Justice compatible with Biblical Justice?

In a growing movement referred to as Woke Evangelism, there is a greater emphasis on the church playing a role in social justice issues. This movement was sizable enough for church leaders to address with the Statement on Social Justice and the Gospel. The problem, that the SSJG points out, is that the notion of […]